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Plastic enterprises take measures to avoid risks

recently, oil price fluctuations have become increasingly frequent, and the market risk of plastic processing enterprises has increased. Many enterprises have taken measures to deal with it

some large enterprises have established a strict contractual supply-demand relationship with upstream and downstream, and the price and quantity are determined within a time range, basically realizing a stable operation; In some cases, the supply and demand are balanced, and the price is settled according to the requirements of the jjg139-1999 verification regulation in a time interval. The allowable error of its indication is usually not more than ± 1%, and the average value is taken for settlement, which eliminates the impact of price fluctuations on enterprise operation, so that both the supply and demand sides can avoid market risks

for the vast majority of domestic small and medium-sized plastic processing enterprises, this high risk is difficult to avoid. Due to their low consumption of resin, raw material procurement has always been in line with the market, and they originally lack the ability to resist market risks. Faced with the current resin prices that change day by day, the operation of these small and medium-sized enterprises is more like walking on thin ice

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