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Plastic daily review: the market trend is divided, mainly with continuous plastic shocks

overall analysis

the recent geopolitics and good data have boosted market confidence, but the supply-demand contradiction, the leading factor of the early decline, has not been effectively alleviated, so the rise of crude oil is highly limited, and the supply-demand contradiction in the medium term still needs attention. At present, it is close to the early high of $98, and the pressure will gradually become prominent. In addition, the price of ethylene rose steadily, and the spot price followed the decline. However, the demand for plastics is still insufficient. Plastics will continue to follow crude oil in the short term and gradually return to fundamentals in the medium term

from the disk, Liansu rose and fell today, above the moving average system, with short-term or repeated shocks, and the upper pressure level, while the trend has not changed yet. Investors deal with volatility in the short term, while trendsetters wait and see, waiting for high-level opportunities

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