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Innovation of thermoforming plastic cup packaging technology (Part 2)

(II) sterile plastic cup packaging machine that only uses steam for sterilization

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1. Hisia's sterile packaging machine only uses steam as the sterilization medium, which is the world's first. It has been developed with the FDA Committee of the United States for 10 years. It is a new aseptic packaging technology and a truly environmentally friendly new packaging technology

2 ﹐ the steam sterilization plastic cup aseptic packaging equipment provided by German hisia company for American Gerber company, which is used for the packaging of baby food, won the 2002 World Packaging Gold Award

3 large companies such as Gerber and Nestle mainly choose hisia aseptic packaging machine for the packaging of long-term yogurt or baby food

compared with the general sterile packaging technology using hydrogen peroxide (such as Tetra Pak, Kangmei, Bosch, etc.), hiseas aseptic packaging technology has the following advantages:

(1) pure natural steam is used to replace hydrogen peroxide and other sterilization media, which will not cause any pollution to the environment

(2) since no chemical agent is used, it will not cause any damage to the operator

(3) there is no need to worry about the influence of sterilization medium residue on product color, flavor and quality

(4) there is no need to worry about any impact of the residue of sterilization medium on consumers

(5) there is no need to worry about the heavy money generated by hydrogen peroxide. The renewal of the contract between Nike and the Ministry of education of China is a residual damage to infants

(6) low operation cost

(7) reach the biodegradability of the product, and the sterilization efficiency is 106

(8) this aseptic packaging technology of steam sterilization was jointly developed by German hisia company and FDA Committee, which meets the highest standards for food and drugs

4. Worldwide, hisia aseptic packaging machine has been widely used in the packaging field of dairy products and milk based food (for example, long-term yogurt, fresh cheese, student milk, sweets and pudding, especially baby food with extremely strict sterilization index requirements, such as American Jiabao "Gerber" (sample) and Swiss Nestle, etc

(III) a new way to develop China's student milk -- plastic cup aseptic packaging and student milk

at present, the development of student milk has entered a difficult period. On the one hand, students' parents think that the price of student milk is too expensive and complain everywhere; On the other hand, the manufacturers are unprofitable and have a negative attitude, taking the production of student milk as a political task. The scope of supply of student milk continues to decrease, and the supply continues to shrink

what is the key to the problem? The key to the problem is that the price of student milk packaging is too high, and the cost ratio between packaging and content is unreasonable, which restricts the promotion of student milk and greatly hinders the development of student milk industry

packaging student milk with aseptically filled plastic cups may be one of the practical ways to change the current situation of student milk:

1. Compared with Tetra Pak packaging, the packaging cost of plastic cups can be significantly reduced. Taking 200ml student milk as an example, the plastic cup with sterile packaging is at least 0.15~0.18 yuan cheaper than brick packaging such as Tetra Pak, which can not only allow considerable room for price reduction of student milk, but also provide appropriate profit space for manufacturers, which may fundamentally solve the difficult situation of student milk and make it embark on the direction of benign development

2. Compared with plastic flexible packaging, sterile plastic cup packaging is more beautiful, hygienic, easy to drink and convenient to transport

3. Because the PS material used to make plastic cups can be recycled and reused, plastic cup packaging is more in line with environmental protection requirements than Tetra Pak packaging

4. Hasia plastic cup aseptic packaging machine does not use hydrogen peroxide or any other chemical agents as the sterilization medium, and only uses saturated steam to achieve asepsis. Therefore, it is a real green packaging technology, and it is the only aseptic packaging technology using steam sterilization certified by FDA in the world

5. Due to the significant reduction in the cost of plastic cup packaging (compared with Tetra Pak packaging) and the huge market of student milk (according to statistics, there are about 300million teenagers in the country), it is possible to make student milk a new profitable industry, which will greatly improve the enthusiasm of manufacturers to promote student milk. As student milk is a normal temperature product, the radius of supply will be greatly expanded, and large dairy enterprises are easy to form large-scale operations, which can further reduce costs

6 ﹐ hisia h constitutes a vicious cycle. Assia's plastic cup aseptic packaging machine is a multi-purpose packaging equipment. In addition to the packaging of student milk, it can also be used to package other normal temperature products, such as long-term yogurt, baby food, lactic acid drinks and pudding, sweets, etc. Therefore, the operation efficiency of the equipment will be greatly improved, and the comprehensive cost will be greatly reduced

author/Zhang Yunsheng, hassia packaging equipment Co., Ltd

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