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Plastic enterprises "rush to the beach" Wenzhou New Plastic Industrial Park

the new ecological plastic industrial park, built by Wenzhou new ecological plastic industry investment and Development Co., Ltd. with an investment of 3 billion yuan in Lichuan Industrial Park, plans to introduce more than 30 enterprises to settle down, and the number of new plastic production lines can reach more than 300. At present, the park has successfully introduced 15 enterprises, including Juli industry, Haofeng industry, Mingchuan technology, haorun industry, Zhongwang industry, and Juguang industry. Why do coastal high-tech new plastic enterprises rush to Lichuan? Recently, the author conducted an in-depth interview in the new ecological plastic industrial park to find out

merchants are moved by sincere investment promotion.

Lichuan has two advantageous industries of ceramics and footwear and clothing textile, with thousands of employees. In recent years, some enterprises with a large amount of employment are facing difficulties in recruiting. The first choice for the county is to introduce enterprises with large investment scale, high scientific and technological content, large financial contribution, strong driving ability and small amount of employment. To this end, the county can hold the plus and minus signs if investment promotion needs to be adjusted. It is also one of the countries with the largest import volume of plastics and waste plastics. It aims at the new plastic industry, establishes a new plastic industry development leading group, and formulates industrial development plans and measures to promote industrial development. The county investment promotion team played the cards of business promotion and love investment promotion, and staged a series of stories that moved merchants

Jiangxi Mingchuan science and Technology Industry Co., Ltd., located in plot A9 of the ecological plastic industrial park, is an enterprise producing waterborne PU leather products. The boss Wang Guoshui originally set up enterprises in Wenzhou and Suzhou, and all the leather products produced are sold to Europe. After obtaining the transfer of water-based polyurethane leather production technology from China University of science and technology, Wang Guoshui intends to relocate the enterprise. After knowing this information, Lichuan County Government, CPPCC and leaders of RiFeng town went to Zhejiang for many times for talks with Wang Guoshui. Their sincerity moved merchants. In March 2012, Mingchuan technology, with an investment of 120million yuan, settled in Lichuan. Wang Guoshui said: I originally planned to settle the enterprise in Fujian, but the enthusiasm and sincerity of the leaders of Lichuan County moved me, so I settled the enterprise in Lichuan, and I believe there will be greater development here

improve facilities and let enterprises settle in

in Juguang industry, construction workers are stepping up the construction of office buildings and paving roads, and workers beside six production lines are stepping up production. Chen Guangqing, the boss of the enterprise, said that he did not expect a grass-roots entrepreneur. According to various reports, it took only eight months for the company to start trial production from the time it settled down. The company adopted the method of building plants and auxiliary facilities while starting trial production, which accelerated the progress of construction and production. In 2014, the company strives to achieve an output value of 200million yuan

in order to enable new plastic enterprises to settle down quickly and develop well in Lichuan, the county has built a new ecological plastic industrial park with a high starting point and high standards in accordance with the requirements of Industrial Park, industrial characteristics and regional layout, vigorously promoted the construction of infrastructure and supporting functional facilities in the park, and implemented ten major projects with a total investment of 800 million yuan, such as road construction, sewage treatment, power construction, Park Service Center, etc

Juguang industry is a high-tech enterprise, specializing in the production of color chips and color pastes, coloring new plastic products, and is a link in the park's new plastic industry chain. Chen Guangqing said that he chose to settle in Lichuan because the park has better infrastructure and some plastic production enterprises. The more enterprises on the chain, the larger the business volume of the company and the faster its development. At present, the servo system selected by Juguang industry has built three workshops with an area of about 15000 square meters. After the project is completed and put into operation, it is expected that the annual sales revenue will reach 150million yuan and the tax paid will be 5million yuan

do a good job in service to satisfy customers

when the author came to Haofeng industry to interview, several trucks were loading products in the factory; In the workshop, the workers are busy making orders. General manager yekangji told the author that preferential policies and good location advantages are the two factors for Haofeng industry to consider entering Lichuan Industrial Park. High quality service is the main reason for them to finally take a fancy to Lichuan

the county implements one-stop management and all-round service for the enterprises entering the park, timely understands the enterprise dynamics, helps the enterprises solve their problems, and achieves the whole process tracking service from the enterprise entering the park to the production, which makes the merchants very satisfied. Ye Kangji said that since proud Feng Industrial entered the park, the leaders of the county's affiliated units often came to inquire about the situation of engineering construction, production and operation, and help coordinate and solve problems, which moved them very much. He said a few small things: at the beginning of 2011, when the enterprise was building a factory, several electric poles hindered the construction in the factory. The person in charge of factory construction called the service unit for help, and the power supply company sent people to move the electric poles out of the factory overnight; Due to the high geographical location of the plant, during the construction of the plant, there was not enough water for digging wells. The leaders of the Organization Department of the county Party committee coordinated the water supply company to build a pressurization station here, which solved this construction problem in time

the high-quality service has satisfied customers, thus speeding up the landing and construction of enterprises. Haorun industry, Mingchuan technology industry and Zhongwang industry realized the introduction, construction and production of the three projects in the same year. It is reported that at present, 15 enterprises have settled in the county's new ecological plastic industrial park, including 10 enterprises in operation and 5 enterprises under construction

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