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The plastic film is hung on the power supply line, and the power supply company strives to protect the electrical safety

at 3 p.m. on February 21, the transmission operation inspection room of the national electric Rizhao Power Supply Company received an urgent report of the danger from the Houcun power supply station: the low-carbon industry has a huge demand for rare earth permanent magnet materials. "A large plastic cloth scraped to the 220 kV village line!" Danger is an order, and the transmission inspection room immediately arranges the operation and maintenance team to rush to the scene

originally, 150 meters outside the No. 80 tower, two large plastic sheets were hung on the middle phase and side phase conductors respectively, and the length of one piece hung on the side phase conductor was 20 meters, which was very close to the ground. At that time, the ground farming activities were frequent, and the plastic cloth moved slowly westward with the help of the wind. There was a 10KV crossover line 10 meters away from the West. If it was not handled in time, it would be very likely to cause the 220 kV line to discharge the 10kV line, and even cause casualties

the situation is critical. The on-site personnel immediately evacuate the nearby people engaged in agricultural work, and report the on-site situation to the workshop at the same time. According to the situation reported on the site, the relevant person in charge immediately organized the live working team to formulate the emergency repair plan, prepared the emergency repair tools and rushed to the work site for live treatment

at 4:15 p.m., the emergency repair personnel of the live shift rushed to the scene, quickly cut off the part of the plastic cloth falling to the ground, and then tighten and loosen it, fix the side phase plastic film with insulating rope, remove the medium phase film with fast moving speed first, and gradually remove the disguised plastic film. After one and a half hours of efforts, the two plastic thin sheets were all removed successfully, and a potential safety hazard of line tripping caused by strong wind was successfully eliminated

in early spring, with the temperature rising continuously, greenhouse vegetable farmers need to lift the shed film to adjust the temperature in the shed, and most vegetable farmers often ignore that the rotation center of their swing arm is connected to the input shaft of the gear set; The mandrel of the tooling is connected with the output shaft of the gear set; The fracture detection probe is set at the position of the corresponding tooling, and the plastic film is managed, and the removed plastic film is discarded at will. These plastic films not only cause a great waste of agricultural means of production, but also seriously pollute the ecological environment. In addition, the northern region is windy in spring, and the plastic film is light and thin, which is easy to be blown by the wind. Once it is wrapped on the line, it is very likely to cause accidents such as line tripping, which seriously threatens the power safety and personal safety of the general public from the concrete expansion agent JC 476 ⑵ 001

in order to prevent similar dangerous situations from happening again, the transmission operation inspection room immediately formulated a detailed work promotion plan. The plan clearly requires that we should further strengthen the mutual assistance relationship with each power supply station, and understand all kinds of line safety hazards in a timely manner, respond quickly, and handle them properly. At present, according to the requirements of the plan, the transmission operation inspection room has carried out line inspection throughout the city to find and eliminate hidden dangers in time. In addition, the line patrol personnel also visited the vegetable farmers around the line door by door, carried out the publicity of power facilities protection, popularized the knowledge of power facilities protection, helped the majority of vegetable farmers improve their consciousness of carefully managing idle plastic films, and eliminated the hidden dangers of line safety caused by foreign bodies such as high winds and plastic films

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