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Plastic crushers are of great significance to the recycling of plastic resources

recently, the staff of Tangxia Branch of Ruian Environmental Protection Bureau and the joint law enforcement center of Tangxia town cracked down on illegal waste plastic washing and processing sites within the jurisdiction according to law, destroyed many washing pools, and demolished simple sheds

in an illegal plastic processing site in Beibao village, Tangxia Town, the ground is full of hill like waste plastics, and a number of waste plastic washing machines, crushers, granulators, etc. are placed in the simple shed. Without any pollution treatment facilities, the processing site washes and processes the recycled waste plastics, and the waste water and gas are discharged directly, which has caused serious pollution to the surrounding environment. The staff immediately banned the dens, and the sink was destroyed on the spot

in this incident, the black dens carried out recycling and processing without authorization at the cost of environmental pollution. However, it is undeniable that the correct and legal use of plastic crushers is of great significance to the recycling of plastic resources

plastic crushers are applicable to the recycling of waste products in the plastic industry. At present, some electronic tensile machines in the market adopt speed reducers for the crushing of plastic bottles, plastic braids, woven bags, plastic ropes, films, shoes, sheets, plastic plates, plastic pipes, medicinal materials, food, etc., and can crush nylon, resin, PVC, TPR, polypropylene polyethylene, high and low pressure carbon, rubber and other plastics. This machine is of welded steel plate structure and is directly driven by V-belt or reducer. The rotor shaft is equipped with 4 ball bearings, which have strong bearing capacity, layered isolation and protection, and long relative service life. The hopper, screen support and upper and lower boxes need to be explained that the separated structure has free movement and convenient material cleaning. The parts made of the base can be connected with screws without using the autoclave. Depending on the broken materials, the hopper can choose to adopt the triangular symmetrical inclined distribution of double-layer sound reducing moving knives, and the three-point inclined arrangement of fixed knives, which has small resistance and high efficiency. The installation design of the cutter is scalable and adjustable, which can be grinded many times after being blunt, and the cost is low. It can provide mechanical feeding, automatic conveying and discharging devices, ultra long plastic profiles, and pipe crushing accessories

the advantage of the "crushing proportion mixing recovery system" formed by the cooperation of plastic crusher and other auxiliary machines (dryer, dehumidifier, chiller, mold temperature machine, etc.) is that the water material is not polluted, resulting in the physical properties of plastic - strength, density, color and luster are not destroyed, so the quality of products can be improved; The benefits include cost and material savings, automation improvements in process management, the movement of quasi unmanned workshops, enhanced competitiveness, and environmentally friendly manufacturing activities

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