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Plastic cup steam aseptic packaging technology

China has a vast territory. Many times, goods must be transported over long distances. If a refrigeration system is used, it must ensure that a reliable cold chain is formed in all links of transportation, distribution and storage. This not only greatly increases the cost of products, but also makes food easy to be seriously polluted due to accidental destruction of the cold chain. Therefore, aseptic packaging came into being. It is suitable for packaging sterile, low acid products (pH4.5), and it does not need to be refrigerated during transportation and storage, so it will not breed bacteria and cause product deterioration. Aseptic packaging can guarantee the quality of food for up to one year without refrigeration, thus greatly reducing product costs and increasing market competitiveness

the sterile packaging technology launched by hisia uses saturated steam as the sterilization medium and has passed FDA certification. Saturated steam sterilization is a great challenge to conventional chemical sterilization. It does not use any chemical medium. It is a pure natural sterilization process, which has no pollution to the product. It can keep the product at room temperature for one year and keep the taste fresh. The steam aseptic packaging technology has the following advantages over the previous chemical sterilization technology:

1 With pure natural steam, the experimental objects of the future experimental machine will be expanded from materials and parts to complete machines, complete vehicles, systems, major facilities and various engineering projects. What are the effects of sterilization and lubrication such as replacing hydrogen peroxide with gas on Jinan assaying concrete pressure experimental machine? Lubrication plays an important role in concrete pressure testing machine. The medium will not pollute the environment

2. Since no chemical agents are used, it will not have any impact on operators

3. There is no need to worry about the impact of the residue of sterilization medium with notch impact strength>12 kj/m2 on the product color, flavor, quality and consumer health

4. Since steam is used as the sterilization medium, the operation cost is lower than that of chemical agents

5. The sterilization level can reach 106

working mechanism of steam aseptic packaging machine

hisia's filling system can package liquid products or similar products with particles under aseptic conditions. Through the physical reaction and heat treatment process of steam sterilization, the sterile packaging equipment can fully heat microorganisms and spores to achieve sterility

the entire surface of the packaging material is sterilized by steam, which costs less and does not need any chemical medium. The continuous high temperature produced by steam pressure can make the bacterial index of packaging materials fully meet the production standards of world VDMA and FDA for sterile packaging machines

start the aseptic treatment from the bottom of the coiled material, and make the internal air pressure higher than the outside through the sterile air blower, while avoiding the cost of extracting air from the high-pressure device

the cover material and cup cover are pre sealed and finally fully sealed through the aseptically locked channel area, effectively preventing re pollution and ensuring the asepsis of product packaging. As for empty cups and non sterilized plastic cups, they can be automatically removed after cutting. If the steam pressure, temperature, channel pressure and other problems occur, the computer system will automatically stop working

aseptic treatment of high-pressure sterile filter and filling system with saturated hot steam can completely dry the channel area and maintain a pressure higher than atmospheric pressure, so as to prevent external pollution. It is worth mentioning that all aseptic processes of hisia aseptic packaging machine are completely controlled automatically, and the working parameters and production failure status can be clearly displayed on the screen

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