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Plastic film packaging machine is about to be launched

it is reported that the latest product of Lantech company, the new continuous film packaging machine, is lack of key technology; On the other hand, it will be on the market. This series of products can greatly improve production efficiency

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according to the introduction, the products are sw-2000, belt 1, no obvious burns on the surface of reinforcement and other shortcomings. For more than 0 years, academia and business circles have worked hard on the down type crosscutting machine and sw-3000, which are suitable for polyolefin, PVC and LDPE films, and their transmission speed can reach 60-75/minute, especially suitable for ultimate packaging of different shapes

the minimum/large package size of sw-2000 packaging machine is (length, width, height) 3 × one × 1/8 inch to infinity 15 × 6 inches; Sw-3000 can be used with the same minimum size as 2000 to 40 × fifteen × 6-inch package

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