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With the continuous improvement of people's requirements for quality of life and food safety, more and more requirements and higher standards are put forward for the functionality of food packaging. In this situation, countries all over the world are also very active in the development of new varieties of plastic films for food packaging to meet the humanized needs of the market to the greatest extent

functional film launched in due time

France introduced two new packaging films processed from ordinary polyethylene (PVC) materials to the market, which can be used to identify whether the packaged food is made of genetically modified raw materials. Using this specially treated PVC film for packaging can identify whether its packaging contents, such as soybean oil, are processed from genetically modified soybean raw materials. Even foods containing only 5% - 10% GM soybeans can be identified clearly. France also introduced to the market a double-layer laminated film specially used for packing meat. Its outer layer is a high-density polyethylene film with special structure and performance, and its inner layer is edible paper. Using this film to pack meat can solve the problem that ordinary meat packed with materials will be soaked with blood and grease, which is not easy to separate from the meat and make the surface form a hard skin, and can maintain the original color, aroma and taste of meat

recently, a British company has successfully developed a new type of plastic food packaging, which has passive and active barrier functions, and can effectively inhibit the infiltration of oxygen production. Even after the food bag is cooked, the effect will not weaken. The new plastic food packaging can not only extend the storage life of products at booth 6-r28, but also be directly heated by microwave oven. It is especially suitable for the packaging of instant noodles. This new packaging is made of 6 layers of different materials. The second layer is polypropylene, which is a polymer material with high oil resistance; The second and fourth layers are adhesive; The third layer is EVOH; The fifth layer is the mixture of deoxidizers, which is called active barrier, which can not only prevent the entry of foreign oxygen molecules, but also absorb the oxygen in the package; The last layer is polypropylene material. In the new packaging, the deoxidizer can remain active even in the presence of water, which can extend the shelf life of food

Switzerland has recently developed and launched a special cover film simkahin for microwave oven products. The film is not only resistant to high pressure, but also has good fog resistance. The cover film is specially used for heating various dishes in a microwave oven, which can be quickly and conveniently heated for eating. During the heating process, the pressure generated by water vapor can be safely released through the film. A plastic processing company in ruitu has successfully developed a chemical self destructing plastic, which can gradually dissolve and no longer pollute the environment. This chemical self destructing plastic is sprayed with a specially formulated solvent, which can react with the plastic and gradually dissolve it into a substance that can be washed away by water. After the composite plastic film produced by this new type of plastic is made into food and beverage packaging, once the packaging is torn open, the inner layer coated with special reagent absorbs moisture in the air and reacts with the polymer with reaction group, the film will slowly decompose like a perforation

according to overseas media reports, German scientists have successfully developed antibacterial plastic packaging with medical expertise. The package is suitable for the packaging of liquid drinks such as milk, and it is an important change in the field of food packaging technology. Researchers from German processing manufacturers and Packaging Technology Association used coating technology to coat a layer of anti-corrosion and antibacterial materials on plastic packaging film, replacing the preservatives added in food. This kind of coating can be realized by materials and special technologies based on composite resins

influenced by the international packaging trend, domestic beer and beverage manufacturers began to use plastic film packaging in the process of product combination packaging, gradually replacing the traditional cartons. The advantages of plastic film packaging are: low packaging cost; It can effectively reduce the accidents of bottle explosion and personal injury, and solve the pollution problem of plastic turnover boxes on the surface of memory bottles during circulation and stacking; Applicable to a wide range of products, such as glass bottles, metal cans and cartons; It can give consumers a refreshing feeling

Canada has developed a packaging film that can detect pathogenic bacteria. That is, a special coating is coated on the surface of the ordinary food packaging film, so that it has the special function of detecting bacteria. For example, the bacteria detection film used for raw and cooked meat packaging. If the packaged meat food is no longer fresh and the content of harmful bacteria exceeds the food hygiene standard, using this film for packaging will change the original transparent five color packaging film into a warning color, so that customers immediately know that it is no longer edible

at present, the foreign packaging industry has developed a large number of multifunctional composite films, such as: the cold resistant film can withstand -18 ℃, -20 ℃, -35 ℃ low temperature environment; Moisture proof film made of moisture-proof treatment of PP; The anti-corrosion film can package perishable, acidic and sweet foods; Special PE film corrosion resistance; Odorless insect repellent is added to the insect proof film; Biaxially Stretched Nylon 66 heat-resistant film replaces Biaxially Stretched Nylon 6 film to package food, etc. Shandong xinlik Plastic Co., Ltd. has successfully developed a special BOPE anti-counterfeiting film for packaging, which can play a good anti-counterfeiting role in iodized food. The anti ultraviolet (UV) shrink film introduced and developed in China is used to package arowana AE salad oil, which can well protect the vitamin components in the oil from UV radiation and protect the nutritional components from damage

the prospect of plastic packaging is very optimistic, which makes the market demand for plastic film packaging equipment increase greatly. At present, through the introduction of foreign advanced technology, more than 10 domestic enterprises, including Guangdong Light Industry Machinery Second Factory Co., Ltd., Guangdong Light Industry Machinery Group Co., Ltd. and Nanjing henghao Machinery Industry Co., Ltd., have developed plastic packaging machinery, and the sales momentum is strong. The market prospect of plastic film packaging machinery and equipment is broad. In the future, more enterprises will join this field, and the competition will become increasingly fierce. How to embody self advantages and characteristics? Manufacturing enterprises should not only work hard on product quality, but also develop equipment with different specifications and performance according to the actual needs of different industries and enterprises of different sizes

bioplastics are widely used

according to foreign media reports, metabolix, which is engaged in the research and development of bioplastics in the United States, and agricultural product giant Archer Daniel Midland (ADM) have reached an agreement to establish a joint venture with 50% shares of both sides to promote the commercial production of bioplastics polyhydroxyfatty acid esters (PHA). The two companies said that the capacity of the PHA Plant to be built is 50000 tons/year, and the products can be widely used as packaging films. PHA production uses microbial fermentation technology to convert agricultural raw materials such as corn into biodegradable plastics. It is reported that this kind of material has better heat and moisture resistance than other renewable resource plastics such as polylactic acid. It is also more widely used. The president of metabolix believes that the application of PHA will not compete with other recycled plastics, because the plastic market requires a variety of products to serve users. PHA can be seen as a supplement to polylactic acid, which are important varieties of renewable plastics. He hopes metabolix and the giant of polylactic acid, Cargill, will become partners rather than competitors

Japanese scientists and technicians have developed a wood powder plastic packaging material from pine wood. By taking polyols from the wood, they react with isocyanide and detect the deformation and decomposition of impact energy esters in the process of impact, so as to produce polyurethane. This kind of wood powder plastic has strong heat resistance and can be biodegradable, and can be used to make Ju resistant packaging bags. Russian experts added dehydrated mineral salts, enzymes and other substances to food packaging polymers. The inner surface of the packaging bag rich in these substances can absorb excess water and kill bacteria, thus improving the inner surface of the packaging bag. They also have excellent heat insulation performance and strong absorption capacity. The environment is a semi transparent plastic film made of wheat flour, glycerin, glycol, silicone oil, etc., mixed and dried, and then heated by 150 kg pressure per square meter, The advantage of packaging food with wheat plastic is that it can be decomposed by microorganisms

a plastic packaging material for rape has been successfully studied in the UK. It extracts three genes that can produce plastic from the bacteria that make biopolymers, and then transfers them to the plant plants of rape. After a period of time, a plastic polymer liquid is produced. After refining and processing, a kind of rape plastic can be obtained. The packaging materials or food and fast food packaging materials made of this kind of plastic can decompose by itself after being discarded, without polluting residues

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