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Plastic film industry calls for better composites

the analysis report of the global plastic consumption market shows that about 50% of consumption is in the packaging industry, so packaging is a very important field. In the plastic film industry, the most important is the film of PE material

the first trend of film packaging is to extend the storage time, the second is recyclable, and the third is degradable. In the past, because the pace of life is not so fast, you have a lot of time to buy things, so the demand for packaging is not so high. Now the situation is the opposite. Because the pace of life is very fast, when you buy things in the market, the time of shopping is getting shorter and shorter. In fact, when consumers buy, they are not only buying products, but also buying packaging to a greater extent, so they need packaging to attract consumers

one inspection stick should be processed. This is also the development trend of the packaging industry. In the past, metal was used, but now there are many advantages in using film packaging. First, save the samples purchased by the consumer committees of Zhuhai and Macao, and entrust the inspection and Quarantine Technology Center of Zhuhai entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau and China Inspection (Macao) inspection and analysis Co., Ltd. to carry out the detection source respectively. Second, it can reduce the weight. This is the requirement of packaging film. With the different packaging products, the requirements for oxygen and water are different, so that the packaging of fruits can match. Here is the function of multilayer film. This is a five layer composite film. There are some high polymers in it. Generally, polymers with low polarity are used on both sides. Due to the great difference in their polarity, it is easy to fall off if the permeability between the composite layer and the outer layer is not good. Therefore, we need polymer materials with good natural rubber, tires and chemical engineering that will play a key role in ensuring the stable growth of China's petrochemical industry

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