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Attention should be paid to the operating steps of diesel generator sets

diesel generator sets have corresponding standard oil tanks and oil supply systems. The manufacturer of fff3d printer and ebaltakunststoffgmbh (a material company) have announced the launch of a new polyurethane (PU) material system for 3D printing. There are many types of oil tanks, which can be designed into discrete oil tanks of various capacities according to users' requirements. Users can also design the fuel tank by themselves. Users should pay attention when installing the fuel tank of diesel generator set

professional information report of diesel generator set: self starting function: when the mains power is cut off (or other important unit starting signals), after delay confirmation, the unit will automatically start (adjustable for 1~8 times, and the success rate of the first start is 99%). If the power supply of the generator set is automatically confirmed, change a heavier pendulum to supply power to the load after it is normal. After the mains power returns to normal, the automatic cooling shutdown is confirmed by delay (the cooling shutdown time is adjustable from 0 to 300s). At the same time, it has many protection functions, including digital display of voltage, current, frequency, power, power factor, operation time, battery voltage, speed and other parameters

there are two ways to start the machine automatically:

1. Power start, which is the same as the starting method of the basic generator set. The method is to turn on the power first, turn the key, press the start key, and then press the emergency stop button to stop the machine and turn off the key alarm when the machine starts successfully

2. Key start: first turn the key clockwise, release the key after the machine starts normally, then press the "menu" button of the module to enter the module setting, press the prompt to enter the password "0318", press the "up" and "down" keys to confirm after entering, check whether the oil pressure and water temperature indicators are normal, and turn the "up and down" speed switch to the full speed direction after confirmation. When the frequency increases to 51 Hz, it indicates that the highest speed has been reached. At this time, all indicators are normal, indicating that the machine operates well and the performance debugging is successful. After running for a period of time, it is determined that there is no fault and it needs to be stopped, which brings confidence to the extruder enterprise. First, the crew operator turns the "speed up" knob slowly to the idle direction, and then the unit slows down. When the value returns to the position set by the manufacturer before leaving the factory, press the "emergency stop" button to stop the machine

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