The hottest newsprint industry has not yet passed

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The paper industry has not yet passed the difficult period

the prosperity of the paper industry has continued to decline, and has encountered extreme cold in recent years. According to the sampling survey data of 146 newspaper printing plants across the country conducted by the printing working committee of the China Newspaper Association, the total number of newspaper prints in the country in the year of 201 Jinan testing machine puncture force measurement method was 163 billion, a decrease of 2.86% from 167.8 billion in 2011 The annual consumption of paper is 3.66 million tons, down from 3.77 million tons in 2011. It is expected that the market CAGR will remain 155 in 2009 (2) and 2020 After constant temperature, you can drive about 2.92%

in 2013, due to the slowdown of China's GDP growth and the impact of new media, the paper industry was still on the window, and the measured value red did not survive the difficult period

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