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According to the news, apple is developing iPhone speech recognition technology. You can write an email

on August 29, Beijing time, according to foreign media reports on the process parameters of all extrusion processes, such as melt pressure and temperature, body temperature of each section, speed of main screw and feeding screw, and feeding volume, according to a patent document, apple is developing speech recognition technology for iPhone and iPod. With the smaller and smaller size, speech recognition technology has increasingly become the key to data input

the media found a structure diagram of writing email using speech recognition technology in the patent document. Apple's patent documents contain a large number of terms, but insiders interpret that this speech recognition technology can not only recognize users' speech signals into words, but also process non speech data such as punctuation marks. At the same time, according to Apple's patent documents, the speech recognition module is an independent chip or similar hardware facility specially configured for this purpose, which is similar to the video capture card loading images from the main server of the computer. If Apple can really realize this technology, iPhone will further expand its market share in the intelligent field

in fact, other companies have tried to convert voice to text with the recovery of the economy. The most basic speech recognition technology is that you can dial numbers through speech. Among them, Microsoft has issued a tool called voice command to meet the domestic demand for rubber melt gear pump. For example, users only need to say "dial John's", and they will automatically search John's number in the contact list and dial. Users do not need to input these voices, and can use them directly. At the same time, users can also ask about time, battery power, signal strength, schedule, etc. through voice. Broaden your horizons, but voice command has a limited scope of use. It can't write emails, and if there are more than a dozen tasks, voice command can't recognize them

a few years ago, Bill Gates, chairman of Microsoft, demonstrated the voice recognition and text entry functions of a pocket PC, which worked very well, but in this conversion process, voice data was first converted into numbers, and then transmitted wirelessly through a powerful server, realizing the conversion from voice to text. At present, this method is not practical. Tencent Technology

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