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Newspapers need to go beyond the solidification thought of paper media and seek digital development

christianhandrox, deputy director of Interactive Media Department of mcclarch newspaper group in the United States, said that the newspaper industry needs to go beyond the solidification thought of paper media and seek sustainable development, and digitalization is the only way out. At present, 24% of the advertising revenue of mcclarch newspaper group comes from electronic edition. His deformation measurement is measured by deformation measurement installation to support his view

ride the wind and waves to lead the trend of digitalization

when attending the autumn meeting of the local media association earlier, hanjukes proudly said that in the 2012 financial year, the mclarch group received a total revenue of $1.23 billion from 30 newspapers in 20 markets, including $200million in electronic advertising, which benefited from the company's active and diverse digitalization strategy. We can either return to paper media or give it up completely. For those skeptical voices, he said, you can focus on the paper media and get half the result with half the effort, or you can ride the wind and waves to lead the trend

as the third largest newspaper company in the United States, all newspapers under the mcclarch newspaper group have their own electronic editions, and their revenue is 17.4% higher than the industry average, with a maximum of 30.9%. The reason for its growth is the extreme attention paid to digitalization within the group, as Hancock said. Hendrix said that this is the growth that the company is most concerned about

even if the print revenue of individual newspapers increases, as long as its electronic edition does not grow steadily by more than 10%, it will still be ignored. Han zhuoxi said so. He said that the new principle of the group is that if the growth of electronic version does not exceed 10%, don't panic

set up a team to expand the digital service market

in order to implement this goal, huntex has developed an incentive mechanism to encourage the improvement of digital business. In addition to increasing sales staff and e-sales channels, the group has also established a digital advertising sales team to promote the company's e-sales through carrots and sticks

mclarch group acknowledges that compared with paper advertising, the training of digital advertising salesperson is relatively complex. However, the company often carries out special training for these salespersons to take them to understand the company's series of digital products. When talking about these digital products, hanzhuoke pointed out that many publishers have long abandoned these products, but mclarch still maintained the upward momentum. Dealsaver project is supported by the second largest media company in the background. When talking about this product solution, hanzhuoxi said: it is not online and then offline six months later. First, it is a product of special instruments and equipment for accurately processing and striking the V-shaped and U-shaped notch of the sample. It needs long-term maintenance of the company, and it does not abandon or give up. Handrox 1. Electromechanical also said that 90% of the company's business comes from new businesses, most of which are small and medium-sized enterprises in tourism, golf, catering, outdoor sports and other industries. These customers cannot advertise in the paper media. Advertising in newspapers is too expensive and out of date. In 2013, China imported waste raw materials from more than 160 countries (regions) on five continents around the world.

impresslocal is another product of mcclarch group for small and medium-sized enterprises. It expands the digital service market for the company and provides customers with services such as reputation management and repositioning. The monthly price is $299 - $1499, which will be sold from four months. Hendrix said that after four months, the customer retention rate remained at 86%, but he also admitted that the initial market development of the product was very difficult

digital reform promotes business diversification

for mcclarch group, increasing the number of customers is also part of the digital strategy. Handrox made no secret of his enthusiasm for reselling products from any other company. We have strong brands and valuable views, but more importantly, we have strong sales strength. He said that the group not only resells advertisements, but also sells video, audio and handheld advertisements, including the recent agreement signed with YouTube

digital subscription, printing and digital bundled subscription are also part of the company's big strategy. Our short-term goal is to grow both. Hanzhuoxi said that the payment wall set up by the company in 2012 is now on track, and its revenue is expected to reach $25million in 2013. Hanzhuoxi also stressed that the operation of the pay wall needs a standardized and organized method, and can not disturb the existing business

as for the growth of digital business, hanzhuoxi also admitted that the company still hasn't come out of the heavy losses in the first 10 years of the 21st century. In 2007, the total revenue of mcclarch group was $2.3 billion, and now it is only about $1.23 billion. In 2007, the group also had 14353 employees, which fell sharply to 6611 in 2012. Of the 6611 employees, 49% are leaders in the comment department, advertising department or digital department, up from 35.6% in 2000. We hope to see this proportion continue to increase, so as to eliminate redundant personnel in other departments of the company and improve work efficiency

we hope to diversify and stabilize our business. To achieve this goal, we mainly need to adopt digital reform. Hendrix said

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