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It is reported that Verizon iPhone cannot transmit voice and data at the same time. According to foreign media reports, when Verizon Wireless, the second largest wireless operator in the United States, starts selling Apple iPhone smart next year, network quality may not be the only problem for iPhone buyers to choose at&t or Verizon Wireless. The network technology of these two companies is also a problem

the cellular network of at&t, the current iPhone supplier, uses the UMTS technical standard. Verizon's network uses CDMA technology. These two networks work in different ways

the most important thing is that Verizon users cannot call while browsing the Internet or sending and receiving e-mail. This kind of mobile archive task function, such as chemical plants and ferrous and non-ferrous metal smelting equipment, is exactly the function advertised by at&t and apple in the advertisement. This function may be a little redundant for many people, but many iPhone users buy iPhones because of this function

Brian Higgins, an official of Verizon, said that Verizon Wireless Onyx is a unique nylon in research to provide this capability. However, he did not say when the company would be able to provide this capability. However, he believes that there is little need to process voice and data at the same time. He said that for most users, this function is not very important

at&t's network allows users to continue to speak while updating their Facebook pages or viewing Google maps. At&t official Dave Wolter said that this is an important function when used for soft to hard intelligence

there are other differences. CDMA is widely used in the United States, but it is not widely used in other parts of the world. Therefore, Verizon iPhone users cannot use this in many places in Europe and Asia. CDMA consumes batteries quickly

it remains to be seen how these considerations affect the purchase decision as a whole

the inability to perform multiple tasks at the same time can be traced back to a decision made by the engineer who developed CDMA technology. These engineers divide voice and data communication into two separate signals, so voice and data cannot run at the same time

Brad shewmake, spokesman of CDMA development group, an industry organization, said that they are now working hard to overcome this problem. A solution that allows CDMA networks to transmit voice and data simultaneously will be commercially available in the first half of next year. CCID China informatization ()

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