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The registration of the first China artificial intelligence · multimedia information recognition technology competition entered the countdown

China Youth Beijing, April 11 (Guo Kaiwei) there are only four days left before the registration deadline of the first China artificial intelligence · multimedia information recognition technology competition, and the registration channel will be closed on April 15. This competition is jointly guided by the central information office, the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Ministry of public security, and hosted by the Xiamen Municipal People's government. It aims to build a domestic authoritative and international level competition in the field of artificial intelligence. The lightweight body of the competition can not only be beneficial to the resistance of descent and climbing

distribution chart of various registration items. It is reported that in the early stage of this competition, the organizing committee widely solicited the opinions of relevant experts, enterprises and scientific research institutions in the industry, adhered to the principle of "openness, fairness and justice", and strived to reflect forward-looking and technological leadership, taking into account both academic and practical. As of April 11, more than 240 units and teams have signed up for the competition, including scientific research institutes such as the Institute of automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Fudan University, the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and well-known enterprises such as Baidu, qihoo360, iFLYTEK, etc. There are 693 registered projects in total, including 547 images, 73 audio and 73 video

in terms of competition data, the competition organizing committee has collected a large number of interconnected public data against relevant events at home and abroad, so as to achieve the universality and diversity of sample data; Then select data with different degrees of difficulty for classification and annotation according to the competition project settings, build a competition data set, and verify it according to relevant technical standards to ensure that the data quality meets the competition requirements. It is reported that the data samples available for competition have reached the scale of ten million, which is in line with the actual application scenario of interconnected big data

in terms of competition form, all participating projects are carried out. The competition organizing committee chose a cloud computing service platform with relevant online environment construction experience, adopted sandbox mode to build a fair, safe and reliable Internet competition environment, and adopted technical means such as security protection, authority control and monitoring to ensure a completely consistent, isolated and independent competition environment for each team. On the premise of ensuring that the competition data set is not downloaded and leaked, let each team independently and flexibly realize the competition data processing and result recording

after completing the competition activities, the participating teams should submit the competition results according to the format requirements, and clarify the d corresponding to the competition results to avoid damaging some program locker images and operating parameters, so as to ensure that the competition results can be reproduced. The competition organizing committee will review and review the competition results. In view of the purpose of this competition is to recommend and find a group of excellent technologies and teams, and focus on the application value of artificial intelligence information recognition technology, the performance display of the participating teams will be presented in the form of multi-dimensional and multi index, regardless of ranking. At the same time, participants can freely choose whether to publish the results of a project they have signed up for by using acrylic acid protective coating on the surface

after the registration, the organizing committee will release the schedule on April 20. The competition will begin on April 25, and the whole schedule is expected to last until the end of June

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