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With the transformation of the newspaper industry, the newspaper printing is getting cold.

the newspaper printing exists because of the newspaper industry. The rapid development of the newspaper industry has also created the development of newspaper printing. The expansion of the number of pages and circulation has directly formed an effective demand for newspaper printing, giving a strong impetus to the development of newspaper printing. But in the new century, the newspaper industry, as a traditional media, in the increasingly information-based today, not only needs to deal with the changes of the industry itself, but also must face up to the new challenges from the outside world. The competition of various new media methods and the modernization of people's lifestyle are shaking the inherent survival foundation of the newspaper industry. The change of the inherent image of the traditional media in the competition of the newspaper industry, the transformation to a new comprehensive media, and the various dilemmas faced by the traditional newspaper media all make the printing crisis of the newspaper industry frequent

the traditional newspaper industry shows a crisis

the information society has entered a new era. With the profound impact of the information technology revolution on the human communication environment, various emerging media are increasingly showing an aggressive trend. With the penetration of Internet into people's life and the acceleration of the pace of life, the development prospect of traditional newspaper industry is not optimistic. The diversification of people's means of obtaining information is prompting the newspaper industry to face profound strategic transformation

in the United States, where the newspaper industry is developed, the newspaper industry in the United States is currently facing a severe situation of poor advertising revenue, increased costs and a continuous decline in circulation. Recently, we have been seeing news about the development of the U.S. newspaper industry. The well-known U.S. newspaper giants such as the Los Angeles Times and Wall Street have successively cut jobs, which is a prelude to the plight of the U.S. newspaper industry. The internationally renowned Goldman Sachs consulting company reported that the advertising revenue of the U.S. newspaper industry in the third quarter (last year) increased by only 1.7% over the same period in 2004, which was the worst performance in recent years, which is definitely not a good signal

China has integrated into the global economic tide, and the plight of the traditional newspaper industry has also shown signs in China. The trend of slowing down the growth of advertising revenue has also emerged. In 2005, Eucommia glue has excellent corrosion resistance and impact resistance, and the advertising revenue of many large newspapers has declined in recent years. Weak circulation growth, reader loss, fierce competition and other factors have also plagued the development of China's newspaper industry. The report on the development of China's newspaper industry (2005) issued by the Press Department of the General Administration of publication in mid-2005 pointed out that China's newspaper industry is facing a major strategic transformation, and the development model of the newspaper industry, which is mainly represented by the expansion of circulation, is facing challenges

it should be said that no newspaper today has not been impacted by the Internet. There are more hidden dangers affecting the growth of the newspaper industry, among which the rapid popularization of broadband is an important one. Broadband users in China have seen rapid growth in recent years, and it is expected that two-thirds of households in the United States will be connected to broadband by 2010. This influence will not only be the way of obtaining information, but also the change of purchase mode. The domestic shopping mode of Alibaba and other stations has penetrated into the lives of many young people. The maturity of new and safe payment modes such as Alipay and the gradual improvement of payment laws and regulations have made mutual contact more and more profoundly affect people's purchase methods, which will be a problem that newspaper advertisers have to consider. Where the user is, the advertisement will be there. The results of the Internet experiment can be close to the actual value. Of course, the advertiser will follow up

the more important crisis of the newspaper industry still appears in the change of readers. Many young people do not read newspapers has become a headache and worrying problem for all newspapers in the world. Young people are often keen to get information from websites and are more likely to accept new consumption methods such as payment and shopping. According to foreign statistics, the proportion of people under the age of 40 reading newspapers has decreased significantly compared with 10 years ago, and the conventional products of the newspaper industry have been unable to adapt to their lifestyle

traditional newspaper publishing and printing will use a lot of paper, and newspaper industry is one of the most expensive industries in all media forms. The increase of paper cost has become more and more noticeable. On the one hand, the cost is increasing, on the other hand, the advertising revenue is decreasing, and the newspaper industry is facing a crisis

newspaper printing has felt cold

from the appearance, the main reason for the weakening of the competitiveness of the newspaper industry is the form of printed paper media of newspapers. In today's information age, the disadvantages of the newspaper industry in the competition with other media have emerged. Today, the disadvantages of traditional paper media mainly include: poor timeliness, too complex printing links in the newspaper industry; Materialized newspapers cost a lot and consume a lot of natural resources; High cost of issuance and insufficient timeliness of issuance; Information capacity is restricted by the number and cost of pages, and so on. This is also the main source of the threat faced by the newspaper industry today. This puts more and more pressure on newspaper printing. From a long-term point of view, newspaper printing will still develop, but the expectation that the growth of printing circulation will slow down is certainly not good news for newspaper printing

the next 35 years will be the transition period from traditional newspaper industry to new newspaper industry. The newspaper industry needs to change from resource consumption growth driven by investment to content innovation growth driven by technology; From the traditional paper media based on paper to the "digital newspaper" based on original content and information value-added services. The diversification of newspaper information transmission methods will reduce the newspaper industry's dependence on newspaper printing, and the expectation of newspaper printing investment will be restrained to a certain extent. Many newspaper managers have realized that the quality of readers is the key to the future development of the newspaper industry. The transformation of the development mode of the newspaper industry from quantitative to content innovation will greatly inhibit the expansion and growth of the total printing volume of the newspaper industry

the wind pressure resistance classification of doors and windows of China Daily cen (prEN) 12210:1997 also needs special attention. In the three cyclical growth since 1990, the trend of globalization is very obvious. China's publishing scale has ranked first in the world for five consecutive years, and has become an undisputed world publishing power. In the future growth, the base is getting larger and larger, which will pull down the annual growth rate. The newspaper printing industry should no longer expect to repeat the good time when the total printing volume increased by 20% annually

the development of evening newspapers in central cities is an important force driving the growth of newspaper publishing industry in recent years. It is the main force of self funded market and advertising market that the newspaper industry pays most attention to. It is also one of the key factors driving the development of newspaper printing in recent years. It accounts for a high proportion of the total printing volume, and some printing factories even exceed two-thirds. In the future, the sluggish growth of the printing volume of urban evening newspapers will also drag down the development of the newspaper printing industry

The development and transformation of newspaper industry directly affects the development of newspaper printing, and the development direction of newspaper printing also depends on the development orientation of newspaper industry. The root of many problems faced by the newspaper industry seems to be that it faces readers through printing. When the newspaper industry faces difficulties, newspaper printing will be the first to bear the brunt

market capacity. Anticipating the market capacity is the main constraint for the newspaper printing industry to formulate development strategies. The lack of market space increment is a problem that many large newspaper printing centers will face in the future

among the indicators to measure the development level of the newspaper industry, the number of 1000 people is an important international standard. In 2004, the number of 1000 people in China reached 75.86, of which 274.2 and 268.1 were in Beijing and Shanghai respectively, which has exceeded the level of moderately developed countries. Penetration rate is another important indicator to measure the development level of the newspaper industry. In 2004, the penetration rate of newspapers in China was 0.26 per household. There are four provinces and cities with a penetration rate of more than 0.5, including 0.85 in Beijing and 0.83 in Shanghai, which is close to the level of developed countries where each household has one share per day

driven by the economic development of the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta, the newspaper market is also extremely prosperous, and most of the major newspaper printing centers ranking high in the total printing volume are also concentrated here. According to the annual report, at present, the newspaper market in central cities has tended to be saturated, and new development space has yet to be tapped. In the fourth growth cycle of the newspaper industry, new incremental space will appear in regional sub central cities and general cities that have not been fully developed, as well as content service fields that have not been deeply explored and subdivided. The growth space of evening newspapers and urban newspapers will also shift to regional sub central cities and general cities. The main force of newspaper printing in China is mainly concentrated in metropolises and economically developed areas. In the future, the lack of room for the rise of the newspaper market in metropolises will directly affect the future development of newspaper printing in central cities

production characteristics. Improving the timeliness of printing production and increasing the flexibility of production are the new requirements of the newspaper industry in the face of challenges. It is an indisputable fact that the newspaper industry is facing adjustment, and the newspaper printing also needs to be adjusted synchronously. The rapid growth in the past 15 years has made the newspaper and printing industry accustomed to the investment driven growth mode dominated by the introduction of equipment, and the trend of large-scale equipment is very obvious. In the future, the improvement of the flexibility requirements of the newspaper industry will require the newspaper printing industry to adapt to it and work hard to increase the flexibility of production. This can be achieved not only through the digital application of management and technology, but also because the production of large-scale printing equipment with great rigidity will drag down the improvement of printing flexibility of the newspaper industry

at present, with its large circulation and more pages, metropolitan newspapers occupy a higher share of newspaper printing production. According to the annual report, the development mode of the city newspaper will undergo major transformation in the future, and the "fragmentation" of the city newspaper will become a trend in the next 10 years. New technical means will help the strong city newspaper brand to provide more segmented comprehensive + customized information content products that meet the needs of the narrow crowd to the target community or target population, so as to restore the confidence of advertisers. This idea that FL is the lower limit frequency (Hz) also suggests that newspaper printers, who used to print a large number of newspapers and multiple editions to adapt to the public, may release more community editions, forming a small batch and multiple varieties of urban newspaper printing production pattern change, which also requires newspaper printing to provide them with technical means that meet the requirements of this change

the transformation of the newspaper publishing industry from a large and comprehensive traditional content positioning strategy of department stores to a more accurate modern positioning strategy that meets the constantly segmented market demand will also profoundly affect the future development mode of the newspaper printing industry. This change also requires a high degree of flexibility for newspaper printing to meet the needs of the continuous market segmentation of the newspaper publishing industry. The traditional printing production development mode represented by large printing volume will face unprecedented challenges

at a Sino Japanese printing management seminar in the mid-1990s, a Japanese expert proposed that the development of the printing industry in the future would form a development model of multi batch and small variety. This trend has already appeared in the printing of books and periodicals, and now the commercial printing of sheet fed paper has also appeared, and the newspaper printing, which is good at mass production, is also emerging. In the past oneortwo years, the varieties of newspapers with less than 30000 copies have shown an increasing trend

digital technology. On the one hand, digital technology promotes the development and technological progress of newspaper printing industry, making it a reality to improve the production efficiency of newspaper printing, but on the other hand

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