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Good news spreads frequently! ZhuoBao technology won the "outstanding supplier of Haier production city in 2020"

good news spread frequently! ZhuoBao technology won the "outstanding supplier of Haier Industrial City in 2020"

November 17, 2020

on November 14, the 2020 annual supplier conference of Haier Industrial City was successfully held in Haier cloud Valley, where executives of Haier Industrial City Group, heads of various platforms, and more than 100 strategic suppliers gathered. The conference presented annual awards and commendations to excellent suppliers. ZhuoBao technology won the "2020 standard for the expansion of the upper space annual Haier production city to create excellent suppliers" for its high-quality products and services

ZhuoBao technology won the "2020 Haier industry city innovation excellent supplier"

it is reported that the theme of this conference is "create and share, win the future intelligently", which conveys the beauty of Haier industry city innovation and partners' win-win cooperation, work together to create a strategic ecosystem of efficient cooperation, so as to avoid software leakage, modification and illegal copy of vision paint

Haier industry city innovation group is a professional industry city integration platform under Haier Group. Its business covers six fields: industrial new town, smart housing, smart community, smart property, smart business, "Yuexiang +" (sports, health care, etc.). Haier chengchuang has grown into the leader of local real estate enterprises in Qingdao, and its residential business has expanded to more than 10 large and medium-sized cities such as Jinan, Taiyuan, Nanjing, Wuhan, Hefei, Xuzhou, Shanghai, Wuxi, Ningbo, etc., showing a national layout

with reliable quality and sincere service, Haier Industrial City Innovation Group has been greatly recognized by island city property buyers, and has won many awards, such as "the most social enterprise", "Guangxia Award", "national innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration base", "leading scientific and technological innovation projects", "smart city Demonstration Park", "industrial upgrading demonstration project"

ZhuoBao and Haier industry, city and innovation part of the cooperation project

1. Hig biological cell Valley phase I residential project

the project is constructed by Haier (Qingdao) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and is located in the north of Chunyang road and the west of Tianwang Road, Chengyang street, Chengyang District. Build 15 8-storey houses, 2 11 storey houses, 2 18 storey houses and 1 16 storey house

2. Haier cell Valley Industrial Park project

Haier Chengyang biological cell Valley project is invested and constructed by Haier Group. It aims to build a 100 billion level biotechnology industry cluster, with a total area of about 1025 mu, a total investment of about 11.6 billion yuan, and a total construction area of about 960000 square meters, which is divided into three phases

3. Haier Emerald Park project

the temperature and pressure required to produce this new type of plastic is lower than that of ordinary plastic.

Emerald Park project is located about 3.6 kilometers southwest of Jimo district government. The project plans to cover an area of about 150 mu, with a total construction area of about 210000 square meters. The planned land area of phase I is about 5000 square meters, and the total construction area of phase I is about 3000 square meters. All of them are aboveground buildings, covering shops along the street, small high-rise buildings A variety of business forms, such as high-rise residential buildings, community supporting facilities and citizen service houses, are committed to leading the benchmark of comfortable living in Xicheng, Jimo

4. Hig Blue Valley maritime Oriental project

Blue Valley maritime Oriental is located in blue Silicon Valley, Jimo District, Qingdao, occupying the core area of blue valley. With a total floor area of 63400 square meters and a total construction area of 220000 square meters, relying on the beautiful natural environment, the unique coastal resources, the profound history of universities, and the three-dimensional transportation throughout the city, Haier industry city innovation group has carefully built the most high-end residential community of Qingdao blue valley

5. Haier fashion creative center project

Haier Industrial City is a large-scale ecological industrial park tailored for the era of "big fashion" in Qingdao. The total planned land area is 88649 square meters, and the planned land area in phase I is 265 square meters. The new copper alloy material with high thermal conductivity developed by Guoliang copper is 63 square meters based on refined copper. The overall design adopts a cluster layout, and the main business types include investment attraction operation center Yilian ecological building (high-end office building) and E-Link Service Center (loft maker apartment) are positioned as medium and high-end IOT industrial clusters and ecological platforms, and have become the demonstration benchmark for the integration of Jimo industry and city

in the future, ZhuoBao will continue to practice the core values of "creating value for customers", uphold the cooperation vision of "creating and sharing • intelligent win the future", forge ahead and win-win the future

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