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The paper market is facing a severe winter

analysts pointed out that since the price hike in March, the real increase in paper prices has been $25 to $30 per ton, but at the cost of some large manufacturers who insisted on raising prices lost some business; Coupled with the slow development of the world economy and the reduction of demand for paper, since the second half of last year, due to the impact of rising pulp prices, coupled with rising demand, the international paper market has had a chain reaction, with prices rising. The price of domestic paper also increased accordingly. In the first half of last year, the price was still hovering around 5500 yuan/ton. Since June and July, major paper mills have announced price increases, making their prices close to 6000 yuan/ton. Some paper with better quality broke through the 6000 yuan mark. In August and September, northern paper producers also increased their prices by

10%. So far, the domestic paper market is booming and prosperous

at the beginning of this spring, the international market is again blowing the wind of rising prices. At the beginning of the year, North American paper producers announced that they would raise the price of paper by US $50 per ton from March 1. Although this move was strongly resisted by major paper customers - newspapers, magazines and publishers, suppliers still insisted on implementing the price increase plan, and both sides formed a situation of tension at the moment. The domestic situation is far less tense. The price of paper was raised again at the beginning of the year. The product prices of most high-end paper mills, such as Guangzhou paper mill and Fujian Nanping Paper Mill, have been more than 6200 yuan/ton. Compared with the same period last year, the total increase of the two times has reached about 10%, which is unique among many paper products

what is the trend of paper this year? From the perspective of the international market, many industry insiders shouted that it was not appropriate to raise prices, because the global economy, especially the domestic impact sample broaching machine in the United States: impact notch hydraulic broaching machine, electric double knife broaching machine csl-b, impact sample notch electric (hydraulic) broaching machine, impact sample notch manual broaching machine economic development slowed down, coupled with the collapse of the once popular network industries, resulting in a sharp reduction in commercial advertising pages and a decline in paper consumption, It seems that the market is not optimistic

looking at the domestic situation, some paper manufacturers and dealers are optimistic about the future market, especially for some products with better quality as mentioned above, their prices will only rise in the near future. The reason is that the market demand for high-quality paper is still strong. Although these manufacturers have raised prices, they can still achieve full production and sales. Dealers also reflect that the turnover of paper with good brands is very fast. At present, the price of some low-grade paper is about 5000 yuan/ton. Although its sales cannot match the former, it will not fall sharply. It is said that compared with the former, it has reached the bottom price

in addition, there is another phenomenon that has attracted people's attention, that is, the price of writing paper, such as high-end double offset paper, has an upward trend recently. It is said that this is related to the recent reduction of supply to the market by app group. The recovery of printing and writing paper has added momentum to the paper market

after more than a year of rising paper prices, in April, the paper prices exported by Japan and Russia to China in the second quarter were reduced to 640 US dollars/ton and 545 US dollars/ton respectively. The main reasons for the price reduction are the lower price of pulp and waste paper, the reduction of domestic unit demand and the new output of domestic paper mills due to technological transformation. The price is similar to that in December and February last year. According to the analysis of most industry insiders, the price of imported paper still has the possibility and space to be reduced

the price increase has made large manufacturers lose part of the market. In the week from April 11 to April 18, due to large producers' insistence on raising prices in the North American paper market, some small paper producers took advantage of the opportunity to sell at the original price, resulting in a large high-low price gap in the North American market. For example, a large paper production company like B ow a te r would rather lose its business temporarily than bite the paper price of $660 per ton. Some publishers are acquiring paper through small producers or locking in long-term stable contract prices with entities such as e n Ron. Analysts believe that the price differences may lead to the paper price can not rise fully, after all, the market demand for paper is seasonal weakness. Publishers are more willing to sign long-term supply contracts with manufacturers at relatively low prices. For example, the contract object of e n Ron company is not limited to the size of the company, and the contract price is between us $575 and US $590 per ton. However, due to the merger of large companies, their position in the market and control over the market have been greatly enhanced. The top five producers in the North American market control 66% of the market share. From this perspective, the paper price may still be partially increased

"Qee-tech technology is designed for mass production of structural components. Analysts also pointed out that since the price hike in March, the real increase in paper prices has been $25 to $30 per ton, but at the cost of power battery shipments of 6.67gwh in the first half of this year. Some large manufacturers who insist on price hikes have lost some business. If manufacturers do not want to see paper prices decline later this year, they are wiser to take action to control production 。 At present, the transaction price of paper is estimated to be between $590 and $640 per ton

in the week from April 10 to April 17, as the last paper supplier, Malaysian MNI company, announced that in view of the weak market, the company would reduce the selling price of paper in the second quarter. The quotation of paper in Asia fell in the second quarter. The shipping quotation of MNI 48.8 g/m2 paper in the second quarter was $710 per ton, which was $20 lower than the quotation in the first quarter

the price of paper in the Asian market is usually set on a quarterly basis. The high demand in the first quarter made paper manufacturers raise the price of paper one after another, but in the second quarter, the publishing house had sufficient paper inventory, so the manufacturers adopted the strategy of reducing prices or maintaining the price unchanged in the first quarter. The CIF quotation of Singapore's Pan Asia Paper Company for 48.8 g M2 paper in the second quarter was the same as that in the first quarter, ranging from US $680 to US $710 per ton. Pt a SP ex in Indonesia is negotiating the price of paper in the second quarter with customers, and it is likely that the quotation of paper in the second quarter will be slightly lower than that in the first quarter of this year

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