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Heavy news: XCMG export won the double champion

big news: XCMG export won the double champion

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recently, XCMG sent a heavy message that the fixture support includes swing frame 5 and fixture: the data shows that as of the first quarter of this year, XCMG's exports ranked first among Chinese funded brands; Among them, in March, XCMG's brand exports exceeded US $100 million and won the export champion of the whole industry (including foreign capital. Our Jinan experimental machine factory has good product quality, many customers, and the level of service should naturally keep up with the brand) in that month

XCMG has made new achievements in internationalization this year, and its products have been exported to Europe and Italy. This has expanded XCMG's sales from the original 182 countries and regions to 183, and launched a sprint towards the high-end, world-class goal of climbing Mount Everest

"with heart, emotion, strength and strength", XCMG's overseas business has stepped out of its unique XCMG "acceleration"

made by Seiko, XCMG g generation and other overseas models are intensively listed, and XCMG's fine products built with the concept of "leading technology, indestructible use, and making handicrafts" meet the needs of users in all countries

strong export, XCMG milling machines are exported to Europe in batches, XCMG loaders are exported to "the the Belt and Road", XCMG electric drive dump trucks are exported to Australia in batches, XCMG 100 excavators go to Africa, and XCMG cranes are sold overseas in batches...

in terms of transportation, the "Xuzhou" China Europe train has successfully opened. How to measure the specific experimental data of this globally supplied but electronic tensile testing machine, XCMG products will provide more accurate services to customers all over the world, and help the economic construction of all countries and the wealth life of our customers

XCMG g generation and other overseas models are intensively listed

XCMG loaders are exported in batches to countries and regions along the "the Belt and Road"

the opening of the China Europe train

the export of Chinese funded brands ranks first. In March, the export champion of the whole industry in the same month. The winning of the double material champion is the crystallization of the efforts of all XCMG people. XCMG also used its own practical actions to help Xuzhou's foreign trade import and export increased by 20.6% year-on-year in the first quarter of 2019, reaching 17.8 billion yuan. Therefore, Xuzhou won the first place in Northern Jiangsu in terms of the total foreign trade volume of Jiangsu Province in the first quarter


is making a strong sprint towards the high-end world-class goal of reaching the summit of Mount Everest

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