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The sales volume of artificial cotton cloth is rising

the fatigue test method for weld metal and welded joint gb/t2656 ⑴ 981 has the advantages of natural fiber, and is better than that of ordinary pure fiber silk like fabrics. The price of artificial cotton cloth is much lower than that of silk fabrics. This year, the old appearance of the artificial cotton cloth in Yingshi has been changed. Not only the variety of designs and colors has increased greatly, but also a group of characteristic new material enterprises have been built to create spaces and incubators, and the hand feel, texture and color have been greatly improved. Recently, the transaction of artificial cotton cloth in Zhili cotton city of China has been rising. The most popular variety is the artificial cotton crepe, which uses artificial cotton yarn for 30s × 24s specification is 68 × 44. Its cloth width is 67 inches, and the price of grey cloth is 5.20 yuan/meter. There are also some special fabrics made of cotton yarn and other fibers, such as rayon elastic denim, rayon/linen, etc. The above varieties can not only make children's wear and casual wear, but also are ideal fabrics for skirts, trousers and sportswear. Rayon is not only a pet of young girls, but also popular with middle-aged and elderly people. Its fabric is characterized by strong comfort in ready-made clothes, and it is cheap and good to meet the needs of mass consumers

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