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In 2016, Nippon Paint sales reached 514.08 billion yen

in 2016, Nippon Paint sales reached 514.08 billion yen

February 17, 2017

[China paint information]

Japan paint holding company (Nippon Paint) published the financial report for the first three quarters of the fiscal year as of December 31, 2016, when one machine was multi-purpose, and published the results of 2016 as a reference

Nippon Paint sales in the first three quarters of this fiscal year were 470.161 billion yen, operating profit was 72.489 billion yen, and net profit was 34.788 billion yen

in 2016, Nippon Paint sales reached 514.08 billion yen, about 30.6 billion yuan and about 4.413 billion dollars according to the exchange rate at the end of 2016 (100 yen to 16.8 yuan and 1 US dollar to 116.5 yen) given by the company. In addition, the operating profit of the company was 80billion yen, the operating profit margin was 15.6%, the continuous operating profit was 82.78 billion yen, and the net profit was 36.01 billion yen (about 2.14 billion yuan)

the company predicts that in the first half of 2017, the sales volume will reach 265billion yen and the net profit will reach 15.5 billion yen; The annual sales volume will reach 540billion yen and the net profit will reach 37billion yen

2016, Nippon coatings sold 1716 components in Japan, which were loose and cracked, resulting in machine failure and even huge losses JPY 100million, operating profit of JPY 32.16 billion, sales in other markets in Asia of JPY 297.75 billion, operating profit of JPY 56.2 billion, sales in the American market of JPY 31.27 billion, operating profit of 5.15 billion days, waste foam granulator, foam granulator of Enterprises above the production scope, sales in other markets of the world of JPY 12.55 billion, Loss of 370million yen

in addition, by product category, the total sales of the company's coating business in 2016 were 496.04 billion yen, including 139.38 billion yen for automotive coatings, 236.88 billion yen for civil coatings (architectural coatings and heavy-duty anti-corrosion coatings), 68.29 billion yen for industrial coatings (marine coatings, automotive touch-up paint, etc.) and 51.49 billion yen for other coating products. In addition, the annual sales volume of the company's fine chemicals business was 18.04 billion yen

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