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On February 20, the new generation of pavement machinery and equipment of Sany Heavy Industry set sail in Kunming to comprehensively demonstrate the strength of Sany road machinery in pavement construction and complete system solutions. More than 300 people including hefaliang, general manager of traditional business marketing of Sany pumping division, liuzhulin, general manager of Kunming Tongmai Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. and user representatives attended the order meeting. Nearly 40million yuan of orders were sold at the event site, and all the products at - 60 ~ + 130 ℃ were snapped up

Sany road machinery spring tour starts

the machinery participating in the tour includes five series and dozens of varieties, including paver, roller, grader, milling machine and asphalt mixing plant. It is the concentrated embodiment of Sany's digital and intelligent construction and represents Sany's latest R & D achievements in the field of pavement machinery

it is reported that the new generation road 2 Problems caused by neglect: these problems are caused by neglect in the test process and other reasons. All machines are equipped with engines independently developed by SANY, and each machine is customized. After trial assembly, the engine indicators and technical parameters are completely consistent with the mechanical performance, which minimizes the wear and loss of the machine, achieves the optimal power configuration, greatly improves the reliability and stability of the machinery, and is the embodiment of Sany's core competitiveness

in addition, a large number of automation and intelligent technologies are adopted in the new products, which reflects the latest achievements of Sany intelligent manufacturing, and brings Sany manufacturing to the era of automation and unmanned driving. In this exhibition, there is a single steel wheel roller that can be driverless. Through the remote operation system and background control system, one operator can operate three to five single steel wheel rollers at the same time, which is obviously different from the host, greatly reducing the labor intensity and labor cost. Liuqiubao, President of Sany road roller Research Institute, said that Sany road roller has been at the forefront of the industry in terms of intelligence. The single steel wheel roller can realize unmanned driving, and the double steel wheel roller can realize intelligent connection and joint operation without any technical obstacles. A large number of intelligent achievements have been applied to other machines launched this time. (this article is from Sany)

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