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The sales volume of construction machinery soared by more than 70% and the valuation of leading stocks to be repaired

the sales volume of construction machinery soared by more than 70% and the valuation of leading stocks to be repaired

the data of China Construction Machinery Information

showed that the sales volume of excavators in November 2016 was 6664, an increase of 72.64% year-on-year, and the sales volume of excavators continued to maintain a high-speed growth

from the data performance, the recovery of demand began to expand from point to surface. The all-round recovery led to the continuation of the boom. The single month growth rate of excavators maintained a high monthly growth, and the monthly cumulative sales reviewed the sales trend of excavators since this year. After the monthly rise and fall, the growth rate has been rising since May. In the same period, the same expansion of real estate and infrastructure has brought demand resonance. The newly started area has continued to improve this year. In October, the newly started area of housing in China was 147.2 million square meters, with a year-on-year increase of 19.95%. The infrastructure side is still making efforts under the tone of steady growth

GF Securities believes that the real recovery of demand is reflected in the recovery of the whole industry, which is spreading from the single point of mining the sales of functional flexible machines to other categories of equipment. From the perspective of relevant indicators, the growth rate of loaders has expanded month by month since April, and positive growth has been achieved in October, As a new two-dimensional nano material, graphene has an important utilization prospect in the field of heavy-duty anti-corrosion coatings. The monthly and monthly sales growth rate of vehicle sales is more than 20%, and the growth trend is basically consistent with that of excavator. From the perspective of the sales structure of excavators, both large-scale and small-scale excavation have been greatly improved, and the contribution of infrastructure and real estate is obvious

in this regard, GF Securities suggests paying attention to leading enterprises, parts enterprises and post cycle service enterprises. Under the current demand background, GF Securities believes that it is still the formation of medium-term demand expectations that drives the stock price performance of construction machinery. As sales continue to exceed the expected performance, engineering machinery should keep all data that will help to successfully establish the same processing conditions in the future. Medium term demand still exists:

first, the rebuilding of inventory in regulated cities has just begun. Once the trend exposure is formed, When the end of sample 1 is clamped in the upper collet, there is a natural continuation trend

secondly, the government has a strong demand for economic growth

in terms of individual stocks, GF Securities suggests to focus on the enterprises that are leading in the industry, whose core products continue to expand market share, and whose profitability has greater resilience to repair

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