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Yuntianhua: the sales volume of glass fiber and organic chemical products continued to grow

according to the third quarterly report of Yuntianhua, the company realized an operating revenue of 1.709 billion yuan in June, an increase of 20.64% year-on-year; The monthly net profit was 208million yuan and the basic earnings per share was 3524 yuan

the sales volume of glass fiber products and organic chemical products of the company maintained a stable growth, and the deformation increased rapidly, which ensured the overall profitability of the company. The company's projects under construction are progressing smoothly. Zhuhai composite materials has begun to contribute to the company and has been awarded the titles of "core area of national high-tech service industry base", "national torch auto parts characteristics industry base" and "China industry university research cooperation innovation demonstration base", and the glass fiber industry continues to prosper. Jinxin chemical is expected to be put into operation smoothly next year, effectively solving the problem of insufficient supply of fertilizer and some chemical products

in the near future, affected by factors such as rising prices in the international market, increasing exports, energy conservation and emission reduction, the price of urea has continued to rise, and it is expected to maintain a stable and rising pattern in the later period. This part of the pull on the company's performance will be reflected in the fourth quarter

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