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"From 0 to 1" is a famous American investor Peter Thiel's best-selling book, in which there is a sharp view that large companies allow start-ups to test from 0 to 1

from 0 to 1 is Peter, a famous American investor Thiel's best-selling book has a sharp view that large companies allow start-ups to test from 0 to 1, and then kill small companies. Therefore, home stores must establish a sense of competition, not only from 0 to 1, but also as soon as possible to 100, the following mistakes home stores must not make

1. In broad daylight, if you open a black shop

the light is not bright enough, you will have the illusion that you are about to close down. If you don't want customers to have this illusion, turn on the light

the primary goal of opening a store is to make money, not to save money

brightness (proportional to grade)

brighter than competitive stores: the brightest on the street

2, there are no people, open a deaf store

background music: customer patronage rate increases by 15%; Soothing music can increase customers' in-depth contact rate and increase sales by 30%

before work: cheer up music

light music from 13:00 to 14:00 p.m. to relieve fatigue

3. The window is unattractive

open a blind shop, and if you want to sell goods, you must change frequently. There is a new atmosphere every day, which makes regular customers feel fresh every time they come

update frequency (7-14 days)

4. The variety of goods is not complete, and the sales of goods have no primary and secondary

regardless of the size, each store has a main category (differentiation)

commodity structure that attracts customers

① target goods

this store is preferred for this kind of goods; Exceeding the average market share; Invest major resources

regular bulk purchase

② the price of required goods (price comparison goods) is the cheapest; Average share

③ convenience goods are "one-stop" necessities; Normal price, pursue gross profit

④ seasonal goods

5. The display of goods is not classified, and there is no difference between best-selling and slow-moving

the display does not reflect the "classification principle" and the "related display principle"

the best-selling goods lack sufficient display space and number of rows (retail is "to make the best-selling products sell better")

6. The price of goods is not clear, and the use of price tags is not standardized

want to develop healthily? Please start with a small label

analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of price tag:

clearly marked price, positioning display, quantitative distribution, best-selling product protection

function of price tag:

(color management) positive price = blue, special price = red, member price = pink, lowest price of similar products = orange, temporary special price = white, etc.

? The size and size of the price tag: more than three kinds

7. The special price method is monotonous

basically two ways: a few discounts or (special price car) buy it now

what customers need is not to be cheap, but to take advantage of it

who to learn from: supermarket

8. How to improve if the new product display is not obvious

establish a commodity elimination system and introduce new products

new products on the shelves attention: obvious display, poster instructions, promotional activities

new product display: adjust the display (window, model, hanging, etc.)

9. Do not pay attention to self-learning and training

managers who never participate in training are difficult to develop and grow in the fierce competition

study is a good living habit. Insist on studying for half an hour every day

use fragmented time to study " Shangzhe system doors and windows " Article

10. Promotional activities are irregular and too few times

remember, the essence of promotion is to increase the opportunities to communicate with customers

? Promotion frequency: do large-scale post promotions from the 1st to the 10th of each month

? There are discounts every week and every day

11. The shopping guide is diligent in selling goods and lazy in tallying

the goods should be full but not messy. Is the shopping guide lazy in tallying a management problem

? Five steps of leisure homework

supplement goods, clean and hygiene, learn goods, sort out documents, adjust display

12. The number of gifts is small, and the quality is poor

gifts are not targeted and attractive. It's better not to give gifts. If the quality of gifts is worse, it will become negative publicity

13. No business plan

no plan, trouble, money and time. Please start self analysis:

plan breakdown: year → month → week → day, implement to each shopping guide

plan items: sales, gross profit, number of new members

14, no meetings, even no morning meetings

please remember: sales is 90% preparation + 10% introduction; Shopping guides work like actors on stage; No morning meeting, no post (physical, mental, etiquette, professional, service five posts)

so, how to hold a morning meeting

① line up

② check clothes and professional light makeup

③ say hello

④ report by the shopping guide

⑤ store manager training and comments

⑥ report the store situation. Our service oath is: "*******" (think of a positive sentence)

⑦ the goal of motivating us is: I want to be the first today "(just conform to brand habits)

⑧ dissolution

15, the information age, Not using Internet thinking

three keys in the era of mobile Internet:

? Flow

flow is the essence of all businesses and transactions. Celebrity endorsements and online celebrity recommendations are all about the fan economy, which we call traffic in the marketing strategy. Traffic includes not only national fans, but also national time. If you have the number of fans and occupy the time of fans, you can drive the smooth progress of all businesses

? Products

products are the core value carrier of an enterprise, and the source and depth of everything are based on products. In the era of mobile Internet, it seems to be a fast-paced, fast-food and concise phenomenon - in fact, it is user experience and the upgrading of consumption ideas! This trend is the simplification of externalization for products. Enterprises producing products should have ingenuity and value innovation! Product innovation, reputation and cross-border are taken into account

? Capital

China's economy is facing an unprecedented inflection point. Whether it is the Internet or offline, we must pay attention to one word ― ― " Capital "e;, This is a more open and ecological era of capital. Although it is understandable to tap internal resources, we are facing national and global competition, and the era of capital has come






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