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"Labor costs are too expensive, and a lot of the budget is paid to workers..." all citizens who have decorated or are decorating have heard such helpless complaints from decoration companies when making decoration budgets. How high is the labor cost? How much do you pay for "labor cost" during decoration? The survey found that for home decoration (basic decoration), labor costs can account for as much as 40%. This means that if you spend 100000 yuan on the basic installation, you may pay 40000 yuan to the workers

whether you are looking for a formal decoration company or a private one, the price of labor is actually the same

When Mr. Zhang, who lives in Wuchang, began to decorate his new house a year ago, he found a familiar "Contractor" to decorate for himself because of the high price charged by the decoration company, and agreed that the decoration materials should be purchased by Mr. Zhang himself, "Contractor" just sent people to work. But after the decoration was completed this month, Mr. Zhang found that the price had not been saved much. For a 130 square meter new house, the basic decoration cost nearly 50000 yuan, of which more than 20000 yuan was spent on buying materials and nearly 20000 yuan was paid to the contractor. "Labor contractor" explained to Mr. Zhang, "this cost is basically the wages paid to workers. Whether it is to find a formal decoration company or a private one, the price of labor is actually the same."

for Mr. Zhang's experience, according to master he, who has been engaged in decoration business for many years, it is within the scope of normal charges. Master he is now working in a large well-known home decoration company in Chengdu as a project manager and is responsible for the project management of the whole company. As for the proportion of labor cost in decoration, he told us without hesitation that in Wuhan decoration market, the collection standard of labor cost is relatively transparent and consistent. According to the normal charging standard, now the labor cost can generally account for 30% - 40% of the decoration cost

after the decoration of ordinary families, the labor cost and material cost are kept at a ratio of 1:1, which is relatively normal

how to charge the labor cost of decoration

how to charge the labor cost in the decoration process? Is there a big gap between the charges of different decoration companies? Wuhan home improvement network found in the survey of many home improvement companies that although each company has a complete billing system, the price of labor fees remains relatively consistent

master Yan, who has worked as a project manager in an old home decoration company in Wuhan for many years, told the editor of Wuhan home decoration network that the so-called decoration labor cost generally refers to the cost of operating procedures in the decoration process, and also includes some charges related to delaying time and taking time. And he is simply "clear" about the labor cost of all links in the decoration process

wall demolition (including cleaning): 45 yuan/square meter

water and electricity transformation: the labor cost is calculated according to square meters or meters, but it is generally priced in meters, with electricity transformation of 12 yuan/meter and water transformation of 16-17 yuan/meter; Removal of the original wall base (including restoration): 7 yuan/square meter

woodwork: gypsum board ceiling is 35-40 yuan/square meter, and wardrobe is 120-150 yuan/square meter

painting: emulsion paint 14-16 yuan/square meter; Transparent paint in the paint is 30 yuan/square meter, white enamel is 40-50 yuan/square meter, and colored paint is 50-70 yuan/square meter

the labor cost of wall and floor tiles is charged. Generally, different fees are charged according to the size and paving shape of the tiles. Ceramic tile size ≥ 300 × 300, priced at 30 yuan/square meter; Up to 200 × 200, 80-90 yuan/square meter; If greater than 800 × 800 generally, the labor fee is 70-80 yuan/square meter; If the laying shape is unconventional, such as some diamond laying, it will be charged at 30-40 yuan/square meter

the labor cost of the waist line of the wall brick is 15 yuan/meter, and the foot line is 10 yuan/meter; Even when the kitchen and bathroom tiles are laid to the sewer, the labor cost of 60 yuan/piece is clearly charged if the sewer needs to be sealed

when installing switch sockets and chandeliers, electricians will install them according to different charging standards. The specific labor cost quotation is: 5 yuan/switch socket, 5 yuan/downlight spotlight, 20-30 yuan/general household lamp, and the starting price of some particularly large crystal chandeliers is 50 yuan/lamp

according to master Yan, the labor costs of various decoration companies in Chengdu are charged according to such standards, and there will not be too much access. Generally, after family decoration, it is normal to keep the ratio of labor cost and material cost at 1:1. Take the decoration cost of 50000 yuan as an example. Basically, the labor cost is between 15000 and 20000 yuan, and the material cost is also maintained in this range. The remaining expenses are the management fees, taxes and other expenses of the decoration company

if it is less than 200 yuan a day, no one is willing to do it. Those with good skills can even get 400 yuan a day

it's not uncommon to earn 10000 yuan a month. However, there are too few young people

"generally, workers are paid according to the labor price stipulated by the decoration company." Master Yan told reporters, "if you convert it to a day, if it is less than 200 yuan a day, no one is willing to do it. People with good skills can even get 400 yuan a day, and it's not uncommon to get tens of thousands of yuan a month." At least 200 yuan a day and 10000 yuan a month, comparable to many urban white-collar workers. However, the reporter of Chengdu Business Daily learned that the people who do this job are generally over the age of 40, and there are few post-80s and post-90s young people

according to the editor, most decoration companies in Wuhan adopt the project responsibility system, and the project manager has a group of decoration workers under him. They can take turns to work at different construction sites according to the customers the project manager gets and the decoration progress, which also ensures that they have enough work to do by themselves. Master Yan brings more than 10 decorators all year round. The painters are a couple in their 50s; Carpenter is an old worker in his 50s; The Mason is in his 40s; Electrician is the only one who is younger and in his 30s. "Now many young people dislike our work as dirty and tired, and are unwilling to do this job." For this point, master Yan seemed a little helpless, "the workers are getting older and older, and things will certainly slow down. Coupled with the increase in the cost of living, before the Spring Festival, some workers asked me to raise my salary. The result of this situation is that either the price of installing a house in the future is more expensive; or the decoration company pays more wages, reducing the company's own profits."





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