Eight Tips to save the cost of ceramic tiles

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Eight Tips to save the cost of ceramic tiles

in modern decoration, the application of ceramic tiles is no longer limited to its functionality. Ceramic tiles with unique shapes and bright colors have become indispensable decorative elements in fashionable homes

in home decoration, the purchase cost of ceramic tiles accounts for a large amount of decoration expenses. How can we save and reduce this part of expenses? Here are some tips for you:

1 Find a professional master, choose the appropriate specification, and draw a brick layout. Calculate the number of tiles according to the drawing, plus normal construction losses

2. Select varieties that do not have high requirements for "matching decors" and "matching patterns", so that the cut half pieces (or edgings) can be used in other places

3. Adjust the plane and facade design to avoid the place where the riser and small corner must be cut, which is easy to damage and waste tiles

4. Skillfully use waist lines, mosaic colors of face bricks of other specifications, ground edge lines, vertical decorative lines, bathroom wall mirrors, etc. to enrich the effect and avoid or reduce brick cutting at the same time

5. Master the principle of "saving bricks in small blocks and costing bricks in large blocks" in home decoration. Combined with the design effect, reasonably select the smaller specification. In general, it is better for the wall tiles in small toilets to be no more than 300, and in general, it is better for the floor tiles in living rooms to be no more than 800

6. The installation part of the overall kitchen cabinet of the kitchen can choose the ceramic tiles of relatively general grade, because this part is not exposed outside, and its visual effect and quality have little impact on the overall effect of the kitchen

7. Balcony walls and floor tiles can also choose more general products, without requiring their grades and styles. The wall tiles are smooth and easy to clean. As long as the floor tiles have anti-skid function and consistent size and specification, it is OK

8. Select high-quality tiles and highly skilled workers to reduce unnecessary losses during construction and cutting. Although the unit price is slightly higher, it can be saved in a comprehensive way




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