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The south of the Yangtze River is humid, and the north of the Great Wall is majestic. There are green landscapes along the way. On December 16th, 2015, the 2015 annual & amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; nbsp; jointly promoted by federal Gordon, Sohu commonweal channel and Sohu Home channel; ldquo; Green Walker

the south of the Yangtze River is humid, and the north of the Great Wall is majestic.

there are green landscapes along the way

on December 16, 2015, the 2015 "green Walker · Public Welfare University trip - using images to protect nature" activity jointly promoted by federal Gordon, Sohu public welfare channel and Sohu Home channel finally came to an end in the new water report hall of Tsinghua University; At the same time, this is also the premiere night of the first natural documentary film "family on the cloud" made by Xi Zhinong's team and premiered by mainstream media abroad at Tsinghua University

this time, our old friend, Mr. Xi Zhinong, the first person in China to run for the Yunnan snub nosed monkey, will continue to be the keynote speaker, share his story, and discuss the topic of green environmental protection with teachers and students of Tsinghua University on the spot

before the opening of the premiere of "family on the cloud", environmentalists from all walks of life and teachers and students of Tsinghua University arrived in advance to sign in and exchange their experiences and feelings as green walkers. Each participant will receive the green Walker environmental medal

every shining green Walker medal witnesses a resonance of

! A responsibility! A heritage

shiny green Walker medal

sign in

Tsinghua students light up the medal

the premiere of family on the cloud is about to open, and the scene is full

full house Hou Ying

the protagonist of family on the cloud is a group of Yunnan snub nosed monkeys perched at an altitude of more than 3000 meters. The documentary records the different growth tracks of two Yunnan snub nosed monkeys' newborns and the survival status of this Yunnan snub nosed monkey family. This film is eloquent and fascinating. It tells the idea that only when people live in harmony with nature can they coexist and prosper

******************************************************************************************************************************/p> the beauty of mountains and rivers

the warm embrace

the sound sleep in the afternoon <. Later, the host invited Mr. Xi Zhinong to share his experience of shooting and recording in the jungle. Every heartfelt word infected the hearts of all the guests present

Xi Zhinong shared on the stage that the green walker is not exclusive to one person, but belongs to everyone who practices the concept of environmental protection. The premiere invited outstanding representatives from all walks of life as panellists. They were:

Mr. Lei Jianjun, associate professor of the school of Journalism and communication, Tsinghua University, and the chief producer of the documentary Himalayan ladder

Ms. liuxuehua, director of the ecology teaching and Research Institute of the Department of environmental science, School of environment, Tsinghua University, associate researcher of the Department of environmental science and engineering, Tsinghua University, and expert of the giant panda protection expert group of the State Forestry Administration

Ms. xuqiuli, the managing director of Liangyou (Beijing) Culture Communication Co., Ltd., is an advocate of the concept of environmental protection and green investment

Mr. Zhang Zhiyong, marketing director of federal Gordon and one of the sponsors of green Walker's University trip to protect nature with images

Ms. Huang Sicheng, vice president of Tsinghua University green Association and student of Tsinghua University Department of biology and environment

Mr. Lei Jianjun

Ms. Liu Xuehua

Ms. Xu Qiuli

Mr. Zhang Zhiyong

classmate Huang Sicheng

the interactive session of the symposium. The audience from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Inner Mongolia and other distant places had an in-depth conversation with the guests on the stage and exchanged their views on the cause of environmental protection

tonight, there are no job titles, no achievements, no age generation gap, and no one comes first

tonight, there are only green walkers here, a group of righteous people who pursue the harmonious coexistence between man and nature, protect nature and protect wild animals

tonight, we reap the shock of our hearts and strengthen the heart of green travel, because our hearts are not alone when we walk together

tonight, let's green walkers not only resonate with each other among teachers and students of Tsinghua University, but also hope to make you who read this article become a member of green walkers

the activities have come to a successful conclusion.

the "green Walker" series of activities have gone through two years of cold and summer. As a well-known environmental protection and green enterprise, federal Gordon attaches great importance to the development of social green public welfare undertakings and carries forward the spirit of green Walker with practical actions. Xiaobian doesn't know where this continuous environmental protection and Green starts. Maybe before the cold winter in our hearts melts, I like us who love life and the world like this, because we live so vividly. "Green Walker", I'll see you at the next intersection




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