Construction process of stone floor

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Common stone floors include natural granite, marble and artificial granite, marble and other floors

I. stone floor decoration structure:

the stones used for indoor floors are generally polished plates, with a thickness of about 20 mm. At present, there are also thin plates, with a thickness of about 10 mm, which are suitable for home decoration. Each piece is 300 mm × 300 mm ~ 500 mm × 500 mm. Thin plates and 1:2 cement mortar mixed with 107 glue can be used for paving

II. Basic process flow of stone floor decoration:

clean and tidy the base floor → Cement mortar leveling → Setting elevation and snapping line → Material selection → Soaking and wetting the plate → Install the standard block → Paving cement mortar → Paving stone → Caulking → Cleaning → Maintenance handover

III. key points of Construction:

the base course treatment should be clean, the uneven parts should be chiseled and repaired first, the base course should be clean, there should be no mortar, especially lime mortar, oil stains, etc., and the ground should be wetted with water

when paving stone and porcelain tiles, standard blocks must be placed at the intersection of crosshairs and installed diagonally

during the paving operation, the lines should be hung in turn in each line. The stones must be soaked and wetted, and the back should be wiped after drying in the shade

the maintenance of stone and porcelain tile floors after pavement is very important. It must be watered for maintenance 24 hours after installation, and covered with sawdust for maintenance after towel laying

IV. precautions:

(1) before paving, try to assemble the plates, match the flowers, colors and numbers, so that the flowers and colors of the paved ground are consistent

(2) the stone must be soaked in water and dried in the shade. In order to avoid affecting its condensation and hardening, hollowing, shelling and other problems

(3) after paving, no one is allowed to walk on it within 2-3 days





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