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Paint is affectionate and hand-made. A group of Jiabaoli coating technicians who pursue art want to make a model. They can spend all day in the paint booth, concentrate on allocating appropriate colors and paint quantities, and embroider wood clothes with one shot

paint is affectionate and makes it by heart.

a group of Jiabaoli coating technicians who pursue art,

want to make a model,

they can stay in the paint booth all day,

devote themselves to mixing suitable colors and paint quantities,

embroider wood clothes with one shot

in the painting world, the competition of qingben "Jia" people

gun king is still hot. We have witnessed the birth of each painting model,

their hearts and souls, painted and embroidered gorgeous new clothes for wood,

led us to understand the dignity and deep love of the painting process,

and the pursuit and persistence of the painting skills of the people of garberry furniture

if you love, please approach

if you also fall in love with the competition model of the gun king,

please approach them,

watch with your eyes, smell with your nose,

listen with your ears, touch with both hands,

you will understand how wonderful it is

please appreciate some excellent models of the gun King qualifier in October:

No.: 836

No.: 1002

No.: 1044

time is an old beauty,

beautiful makeup has become vicissitudes,

love, still warm,

because I dedicated my best years to painting

number: 1013

number: 1031

number: 839

number: 806

desire for art,

makes us constantly yearn,

try, spray,

in the painting world,

I am willing to present everything for you

No.: b4

No.: 1024

No.: C3




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