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How much benefit will Wenzhou photovoltaic new materials produce remains to be investigated. How should enterprises deal with EU photovoltaic anti-dumping

in the face of aggressive policies, are the photovoltaic enterprises in Wenzhou ready? The incessant photovoltaic industry has recently become the focus of heated discussion in the industry: yesterday, the European Union imposed a temporary anti-dumping duty of 11.8% on China's photovoltaic products. Two months later, the tax rate may rise to 47.6%

after the U.S. photovoltaic anti-dumping, the EU market once accounted for nearly 70% of the export volume of Wenzhou photovoltaic products. Are Wenzhou photovoltaic enterprises ready for this anti-dumping stick from the largest export place

has long faded out of the EU market

we haven't received the EU's list for a long time. In the interview, this sentence was repeated by many photovoltaic bosses in Wenzhou. Since the EU launched an anti-dumping investigation against Chinese photovoltaic enterprises in September 2012, many Wenzhou photovoltaic enterprises have prepared for the worst

Jingri PV was one of the 134 Chinese exclusion methods that were included in the EU sample survey at that time: please check whether the sensor selection in the "online" setting is correct. Zheng CE, chairman of the board and President of Wenzhou Photovoltaic Industry Promotion Association, told that now the company has basically turned and drawn the corresponding animation curve and physical imitation for domestic sales. In this month, the export volume was only more than US $1 million, It is mainly the inventory before the sales anti-dumping investigation

the export proportion of Zhejiang Shangshang Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd. is still not small, but the person in charge of the company said that after more than a year of adjustment, the proportion of the EU market has been reduced to about 10%, replacing the rise of markets in the Middle East, India, Canada, South America and so on. The overall impact is small. He said so to me

Zheng CE said that the calm of Wenzhou enterprises in the face of EU anti-dumping is also the result of the tide washing sand. After the tempering of the market depression in recent years, the market reaction ability of enterprises that can still maintain normal production in Wenzhou photovoltaic industry is far from comparable in the past

meet the opportunities of domestic market

compared with the volatile overseas market, the new opportunities triggered by domestic support for the photovoltaic industry make Wenzhou photovoltaic enterprises look forward to

since the emergence of a large number of new materials at the end of 2012, Chint Solar has shifted its positioning to green energy developers to drive the sales of Chint's overall industrial chain with the construction of photovoltaic power stations. Today, they have become one of the private enterprises holding the largest number of photovoltaic power station projects. According to Qiu Zhanwei, its president, the photovoltaic power stations that have been combined to generate electricity can bring the company 1.5 million yuan of electricity revenue every day. In China, Chint has built more than 300MW projects, and the projects under construction have also reached 150MW. At the end of this month, they will build the largest photovoltaic power station in Hangzhou

other small-scale photovoltaic enterprises focus on micro power station distributed photovoltaic power generation projects. This year, Liangjing new energy built a distributed power generation model project with an installed power generation capacity of 78.96 kW and a total investment of 900000 yuan on the roof of its plant, which attracted many enterprises to negotiate. Yu Shengzhe, chairman of the company, said that he was very optimistic about the development of this kind of micro power station. Recently, the application for building a distributed photovoltaic large-scale application demonstration zone in Wenzhou is expected to be approved. At that time, the total installed capacity in a year will reach 100000 kW, which is about 1billion yuan for photovoltaic enterprises in Wenzhou

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