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How can refined management "escort" sales?

in the past 20 years, with the rapid development of China's cause of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, the number and scale of Chinese pesticide manufacturers and dealers have increased sharply from scratch, from less to more. By the end of last year, the number of industrial releases was more than 2600, excluding invisible and unregistered workshop processing plants. However, although China's pesticide industry has made great progress after nearly 20 years of development, it still hasn't got rid of the small and chaotic market situation of the industry. On the contrary, foreign enterprises are down-to-earth and intensive in the Chinese market; Market space is being eroded and expanded by them year by year, with the number of employees and product sales; The proportion is that several foreign companies occupy more than half of China's pharmaceutical market, and the employees are less than 20% of the industry; The proportion of employees and economic benefits is so wide. The sale of pesticide products in China is in the era of meager profits; The business environment is full of difficulties at home and abroad. In the current business environment, Chinese pesticide production enterprises are dancing with lions and changing in the process of rebirth; To find a living space, we must develop in the direction of standardization, intensification and scale with innovative ideas and technologies:

to be specialized and strengthen the product structure

the registration fee of pesticide production is the main cost in the initial stage of new product production. In the past, the cost of registering a product was low, and the enterprise registered products were more or less random. The idea was to have more products and more sales. There are other products that can't be opened, The so-called: the East is not bright, the west is bright; Most domestic pesticide production enterprises have a wide range of product structure and difficult operation. They do not have enough experience and strength to centralize and strengthen all their products; As a result, the registration certificates of some products are renewed every year, but no products are running, and the certificates are still sleeping after spending money. It wastes its own funds and social resources

in the new era, for the standardization and intensive development of pesticides, the state spends hundreds of thousands of yuan on an official registration certificate, which is equivalent to setting a threshold; Weak enterprises give up some product registration certificates that win interest margins; The process of transferring the temporary certificate to the formal registration certificate means that the enterprise repositions its products; Develop the product structure towards its own strong market direction; Leading product integration according to their own advantages; So concentrate manpower Product capital "China's new car production and sales volume has been the world's first source for many years in a row. It focuses more on professionals to serve the market, increase and expand market share, and enhance the competitiveness of products in the market. Such an environment makes you have to choose to make the product structure more specialized and stronger.

professional employment mechanism and innovative sales mode

maximize the potential of personnel and reduce the internal consumption of human resources, which is the result of scientific and reasonable division of labor; at present, domestic pesticide enterprises The development period of the industry is generally short, and most of the more mature enterprises have started businesses for about years, most of which are still growing small and medium-sized enterprises; Due to the extensive enterprise management; The enterprise culture and value are relatively simple. The purpose of labor is to strive to create wealth for the boss. People in the enterprise are subordinate to their superiors, and there is no reasonable and sufficient emotional communication; Even some enterprise managers, without scientific management methods, evaluate a person's achievements by feeling or their own judgment and thinking, resulting in the inability of capable people to maximize their potential, and then some people who do not act are promoted because they are obedient; This is a malady in the development of some enterprises at present; How to give full play to employees' initiative, the spirit of ownership and correct values, outlook on life and world outlook is of great importance; Most people think that it is the best to put the right person on the right position. I think it is to indulge those who do not act. I think whether it is appropriate and "doubt" is to pay attention to and assess people. No matter what position a person is placed on, we should pay attention to and care about him in a timely manner, and strictly assess and evaluate his work performance. Only in this way can we achieve a scientific and reasonable professional employment mechanism

in terms of pesticide sales, this is a very hard work and requires innovative thinking; Because the market is changing, strategies and tactics should be changed as the market changes; At present, compared with other industries, pesticide sales is still in the middle and primary stage. The job of salesperson is to introduce product functions and policies to customers, apply for shipment, transfer goods, return goods, and collect money; Some enterprises have large sales areas and weak markets. One person can be a province, or even several provinces. They expand every year, and how much is it! The sales management is arbitrary, and there is no process management to track every detail. For example, when a product is sold to the dealer, the dealer first promises to sell how many tons of goods today, and asks the manufacturer to send the goods on credit first, and then instructs the salesman to assign him several promoters to work as a free handling coolie for himself, in the name of product promotion; We also have to do TV advertisements in local TV stations for several months; We have no idea how many products we can actually sell! At the end of the season, 10000 yuan of goods will be sold and 8000 yuan of expenses will be invested; This loss is ultimately paid by the manufacturer. This example is common in the past sales model

at present, the most competitive sales are electrical appliances and fast-moving consumer goods (clothing, food, beverages, etc.). Enterprises with brands and scales, from brand planning to channel construction; All of them plan step by step and win step by step; A smooth management channel connecting the preceding and the following; Market planning, personnel allocation and product distribution are all well-designed and detailed layout, timely analyze competitors, make scientific countermeasures and responses, timely handle various details of products in the sales process, track, manage and adjust, and effectively form controllable income and investment; Sales promotion should achieve terminal stores and consumers, the number of retail outlets in the region where informatization is applied, how much has been sold every day, when to supplement the source of goods, etc; Know the market state like the palm of your hand, and the sales mode management is fully standardized, programmed and refined; Although the sales volume of pesticides does not have the value to support the fine marketing work like FMCG, I think it can be innovated and improved by using some of them for reference

sales cost control

one of the three major expenses of production-oriented enterprises - personnel costs, of which sales expenses account for a large proportion, such as: sales team wages, commissions, travel expenses, expenses, entertainment expenses, product promotion expenses, information expenses, etc., with a wide range of expenses and heavy burden; Cost saving is also a way to make profits; Under the requirements of refined sales, the costs and expenses in the sales process are linked to the performance, and the input expenses are budgeted in detail according to the proportion of sales revenue. Under uncertain factors, we should avoid blindly over developing the blank market and reduce the risk cost investment

sales process management

sales process management refers to the whole process of transferring pesticide products from manufacturers to consumers; This channel process is roughly divided into: sales personnel management, fund management, goods rights management, logistics management, information management, promotion management

management of pesticide salesperson

it is the basic purpose of the company for salespeople to complete the sales task. Only by completing the sales task can the healthy development of the company be promoted and the long-term planning strategy of the company be realized. The main points are as follows:

① plant protection knowledge training: when the salesperson is promoting products, he should first help the dealers give advice and find products that have strong competitiveness in the sales area; Secondly, it can explain product functions and train farmers in scientific pesticide application technology, so as to obtain the support of dealers and the trust of farmers; Therefore, pesticide salesmen should master certain plant protection knowledge, because this is the requirement of entry, and fully reflects that pesticide products are sold more by technical marketing; Only professional salespersons can be effective and invincible in the market. Long term and unremitting plant protection knowledge training is the basic guarantee. ② Salary management: to figure out a good performance, we must have a supporting incentive policy plan; Formulate a set of systematic, simple and clear rules of the game, and formulate the combat goals and objectives of elite soldiers and strong generals; Maximize personal value for everyone in the sales team; ③ Implementation and management of sales plan and process: the quality of sales depends on the accuracy of the plan. Making an accurate sales plan according to the market demand based on the fatigue life test steps of the automobile front axle stand is the basis for achieving the goal; After the plan is made, it is implemented. The implementation process must be adjusted and evaluated in a timely manner according to the actual sales situation. Only in this way can we ensure that the products are not out of stock in the peak sales season and that there will be no serious inventory when the market changes; On the contrary, the execution is not strong, and the plan is "on paper". No matter how good the plan is, if it is not implemented, it will never achieve the expected goal; Therefore, scientific implementation management is to ensure the smooth realization of sales goals and plans

fund management

funds are the blood of enterprises. Poor fund management and poor circulation will cause enterprises to fall into trouble

at present, some pesticide sales are on credit, which means that there are some risks in the return of funds; If the salesperson settles in cash, resulting in loss, theft, misappropriation, abscond with money, etc., under normal circumstances, cash settlement should be refused, and unified account management should be carried out; Payment method: in order to obtain the interest of the purchase price, the pesticide dealer uses the bank acceptance check to pay, resulting in the reduction of the product price; When signing the contract, the payment method should be agreed and selected; Improve the utilization rate of funds in enterprise operation

goods management

in order to serve and improve the sales network and meet customer needs, many pesticide production enterprises set up branches and warehouses in large regions, and even rent customer warehouses for custody; The goods delivered to the branch company only form a shipment, which does not meet the actual sales, and there is a certain inventory risk. Therefore, in the sales process, it is important to give the regional manager the right to allocate and manage the goods; Secondly, the warehouse escrow method of leasing major customers. Generally, the products delivered to his warehouse are operated in the form of escrow. All inbound products, often required by customers in remote areas, are delivered for you. It is difficult to make timely and refined inventory and timely replenishment of products; Therefore, it is easy to cause the shortage and inventory of products in the escrow warehouse, improve the quality of product transit operation, and avoid these dead corners in sales

logistics management

product circulation management refers to the whole process of products from the warehouse out of the manufacturer to the hands of end consumers. Pesticides are agricultural means of production with strong seasons; After several levels of dealers' turnover and then to the hands of consumers, each transportation has a process, and finally forms a long cycle. Once a domestic enterprise producing corn herbicide made the slogan "prepare for one year, only serve seven days"; Grasp the opportunity and time, the product will be sold and produce benefits; Miss the opportunity, just wait for the next year! Due to the small amount of pesticides used, taking the single product as the unit, generally the one-time purchase volume of a customer is limited. Except for conventional large tonnage products, it is difficult to transport directly by special vehicles; Therefore, in order to circulate smoothly, products can reach the market in time; After the product leaves the warehouse, the goods

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