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In addition, how can domestic coating enterprises break through the existing market barriers?

How can domestic coating enterprises break through the existing market barriers?

June 20, 2014

[China coating information] with the improvement of the concept of environmental protection, the state has issued that polluting enterprises must speed up their exit from Beijing. Undoubtedly, it has a far-reaching impact on our coating industry. In addition, now paint taxation, the introduction of the strictest environmental protection law, and the upcoming national standard of children's paint, it has to be said that the coating industry is about to start vigorously rectification. However, there are still many barriers to the survival of the coating industry

according to relevant financial reports, despite the impact of the European debt crisis and the market downturn, the coating business of all giants has achieved adverse growth, and some even high growth

in sharp contrast, due to the pressure of price war, homogeneous competition, brand damage to equipment and high maintenance costs, as well as the impact of domestic economic adjustment and transformation and environmental pressure, domestic paint enterprises have caused sales to decline, profits to shrink, and some have fallen below the profit warning line. It can be said that under the pressure of various adverse factors, as well as in the face of unprecedented fierce market competition, since 2014, Chinese and foreign coating enterprises have different situations, one seems to be traveling in heaven, the other is falling into hell

so how should our domestic coatings break the ice? So what platform do we use to publicize this spare time? That is, chat tools and microblogs that are unfamiliar to young people today. However, there is a problem that some people are not very familiar with the concept of micro marketing. They are not familiar with the use of tools such as Internet technology, which is not very popular for the time being. WiFi network has not been popularized in any corner. If we use China Mobile or let us 1 know the mystery of it, it is the network of Unicom or telecom. When many people use it together, there will be some network instability. Therefore, we must take all aspects into consideration when carrying out micro marketing

but now there are so many problems, how can we solve them? Give up the cake of this interest? Now the government can say that the market attaches importance to the popularization of our network. Now China Mobile and China Unicom have also launched a new type of mobile 4G network, which also represents a new milestone in our network era. Since the network problem is being solved step by step, our micro marketing has also made a big step forward

since our propaganda means is micro marketing. By sending information to our audiences, they understand our enterprise. What about our model? Here I would like to recommend a new model, namely o2o model, which is the combination of online publicity and offline physical stores. Next, we will intensify the publicity of our physical stores. Strengthen the quality training of shopping guides. When customers know our products in physical stores, we must retain customers. Try our best to meet customers. 1. Meet the standards: hg2369 (9) 2gb/t17200 (1) 997 households. It is he who has developed into our loyal customers and brought profits to the enterprise

of course, our domestic coating enterprises still have a long way to go to truly break through barriers. But in the future, the e-commerce of building materials, home furnishing industry and coating industry is more likely to be the same general direction of marketing

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