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How to accurately select high-quality and low-cost temperature control valves

with the reform of the heating system, household heat metering and room temperature control have begun to enter the implementation stage, and it is very common to install temperature control valves on radiators. Using temperature control valves to realize room temperature control, the infinite reduction of wood flour can not only save energy to the greatest extent, but also meet the needs of different users for indoor temperature regulation to the greatest extent, which is a good thing for the country and the people, However, how to choose the temperature control valve is not completely mastered by the users. If you cannot choose the product correctly, it will not only not meet the demand, but also may bring unnecessary economic losses to the users. Here, I will introduce some options for choosing the small theft door

the temperature control valve refers to a device installed on the radiator water supply pipe for temperature regulation (in fact, it is a multi-functional and lightweight plastic instrument regulation of flow). It is divided into manual temperature control valve and automatic temperature control valve. Automatic temperature control valve is also called self operated temperature control valve or automatic thermostatic valve, and it is also referred to as thermostatic valve for short

temperature control valve

automatic temperature control valve is composed of self-supporting actuator of temperature sensor and special supporting temperature control valve body. The structure of temperature control valve body often has two most common two-way valves: straight through valve and v-lined fluorine butterfly valve angle valve. Two way valve is mainly used in double pipe system or new single pipe system with special design

in recent years, according to the differences between single and double pipe systems, graduate students have produced three-way temperature control valves specially suitable for single pipe systems and special four-way valves suitable for single and double pipe systems installed in a concealed manner. At present, these four-way valves are mostly seen in imported products, Ruyi large? Yun Po peck? Giacomi-ni) four-way valve is not only suitable for all kinds of radiators, but also for single and double pipe systems. At the same time, it also has the connection mode of a variety of pipes that can meet the concealed installation

temperature control valves are usually manual and automatic, and their valve action principles are very different. The manual temperature control valve usually adopts the screw lifting valve core, and the rotation of the handle turns into the linear displacement of the valve core through the screw. In order to adapt to the unique linear movement mode of the independent actuator of the temperature control sensor, the movement of the valve core of the automatic temperature control valve is usually directly designed as a linear displacement that can be automatically reset, so the two valve bodies are generally not interchangeable

however, there are interchangeable valve bodies with special design that can be used for general purpose, that is, the valve body with automatic temperature control valve can be used for general purpose interchangeability between manual and automatic by adding a suitable manual screw lifting mechanism. This improvement is particularly suitable for China's national conditions and is of great practical value. In many projects at present, in order to save the initial investment of developers, a valve body with automatic temperature control function is first installed with a special screw lifting handle, which realizes the manual temperature control valve with 1/3 of the cost of the automatic temperature control valve (the price is basically equivalent to the manual temperature control valve), It also allows users to realize automatic temperature control in the future, leaving room for upgrading. This kind of product is rare even in imported products. Italian jecomini is ahead of the market in this regard. It provides this kind of double regulating temperature control valve between manual and automatic temperature control valves, which is called double regulating temperature control valve. It has eight gear settings, and the indoor temperature can be set by you, which is extremely convenient. It deserves to be the world's largest supplier of HVAC valves. Because of the particularity of this kind of valve between manual and automatic temperature control valve, the choice will be more complex. This complexity creates an opportunity for some people who are not proficient in business and speculative salesmen to "confuse fish with pearls"

the tightening test is carried out on the pressure testing machine. In the current market, many salesmen of suppliers of automatic temperature control valves recommend to users the pure automatic temperature control valve body with a simple regulating handle as a temperature control valve with double regulating functions. Some users use such a temperature control valve, which is not very appropriate and has great hidden dangers. Although such an automatic temperature control valve body is equipped with a simple regulating handle, However, the design idea of the handle is to temporarily use it for system adjustment to meet the engineering pressure test and water test before the installation of the automatic temperature control valve head, so as to restore it. After the completion of the pressure test and water test process, it will be replaced by the automatic temperature control valve head. Because of its timeliness, the simple adjustment handle borrows the original ordinary thread on the valve body to fix the temperature control valve head for spiral lifting

we all know that the simple adjusting handle is generally made of plastic because of its temporary and disposable nature. If it is used as the final frequent adjustment, the wear of its thread is very fast, not to mention that when the heating system works normally, the up and down lifting of the spool is carried out under a certain pressure. Even in a system without pressure, the spring pressure of the spool itself will greatly accelerate the wear of the handle thread, Therefore, it is inappropriate to use this product as a manual temperature control valve that can be upgraded to an automatic temperature control valve

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