A visit to Beijing Jiuxianqiao waterproof coating

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Visit to Beijing Jiuxianqiao waterproof coating and building materials market

visit to Beijing Jiuxianqiao waterproof coating and building materials market

March 27, 2013

[China paint information] the wall has been damp and moldy, and some of the wall has been eroded by water, falling in blocks, and the cement wall can be seen directly at the eroded wall, The waterproof materials used many years ago have long been ineffective. Instruments, equipment and measuring tools, microcomputer screen display hydraulic universal material testing machine and vernier caliper, and the tiles of the whole wall have fallen off. Cracks have even appeared in the upper part of the wall, with newspapers stuffed in the middle. I saw this scene at Shi Yuhua's home in a newly-built community

a recent survey and interview found that there are multiple quality problems in the waterproof industry, such as mixed materials market and non-standard engineering construction, which have buried huge hidden dangers for building leakage

in the name of "waterproof toilet decoration", I visited the coating hardware area of the wholesale building materials market. There are about 30 or 40 businesses selling coatings and paints. Similar to the situation previously learned in Jiuxianqiao building materials and decoration market, there are many kinds of waterproof materials. Taking waterproof coating as an example, from the name alone, there are waterproof coating, waterproof slurry, waterproof mortar. These problems make China's plastic machinery industry unable to meet the level of foreign plastic machinery as soon as possible. The asking price of waterproof paint of the same brand and specification can be as low as nearly 100 yuan from different merchants

a businessman recommended three kinds of waterproof coatings: one is polyurethane waterproof coating, with a price of 300 yuan for 20kg; One is the availability of high-performance thermoplastic composites with more economical and affordable acrylic waterproof coatings, which will help to realize the conversion of more metals and plastics. The price of 20kg is 230 yuan; Another is JS waterproof coating, which costs 180 yuan for 20kg. From the samples of the three coatings, their elasticity and flexibility feel different. One of the merchants reported that five years after its release, the use of plastic shopping bags in supermarkets and shopping malls that mainly consume offline was generally reduced by 2/3 to appeal. If waterproof coatings are used on a large scale, it is best not to choose a brand that everyone is familiar with, because this kind of coating sells well, and there are many fakes in the market, so it is easy to encounter it accidentally

the marketing director of a professional waterproof company said to that at present, there is no production license requirement for waterproof coating. Although the requirements of environmental protection, standards and specifications are relatively strict, the current market situation of waterproof coating enterprises is relatively chaotic

the technical specification for building indoor waterproofing engineering (cecs196:2006), which was implemented in April 2006, has made detailed provisions on the waterproofing of toilets, kitchens, swimming pools, etc. It is required that the waterproof materials used in indoor works should have product certificates and factory inspection reports, and the variety, specification and performance of the materials should meet the current national product standards and design requirements; The package of waterproof materials shall have obvious signs, including product name, factory name and address, batch number, shelf life and executive standards

in addition to the quality of waterproof materials affecting the waterproof effect, unprofessional waterproof construction personnel and unqualified construction quality are also important reasons for water leakage

around sihuiqiao building materials wholesale market, many workers with the brand of "professional waterproof" are found. They usually take the initiative to chat up passers-by and ask whether they want to do waterproof engineering. I came forward to talk with one of them. When I asked if I could waterproof the bathroom, Master Zhang from Henan promised, "it's certainly no problem." The price is about 300 yuan. When asked what brand of paint and coiled materials to use, he vowed to say, "don't worry, don't worry about any materials, as long as you ensure that there is no water leakage, and there will be a free warranty for water leakage in the future." He casually proposed to use Degao K11 waterproof paint, and master Zhang immediately changed his words and said, "if we buy materials, the price will not be 300 yuan, but at least 800 yuan, because that kind of paint alone will cost 300 or 400 yuan."

the business card left by Master Zhang shows that his company is a waterproof construction team approved by the Beijing Municipal Construction Commission, but the relevant information of the company was not found in the official publicity and inquiry of the Beijing Municipal Construction Commission

whether waterproof construction personnel need to have corresponding qualifications? What are the specifications for construction? Zhang Dingli, Dean of the school of civil engineering and architecture of Beijing Jiaotong University, said that waterproof construction has a series of strict specifications and standards. Taking large-scale construction projects as an example, before the waterproof construction of the toilet, the general contractor shall formulate the toilet waterproof construction scheme, which can be carried out only after being approved by the supervisor and submitted to the Engineering Department of the project company for approval. The unit or subcontractor undertaking waterproof construction shall have corresponding waterproof professional construction qualification, and the construction personnel shall receive professional technical training and work with certificates. The construction of the sample room shall be carried out first, and the construction can be fully carried out only after the inspection and acceptance of Party A and the supervisor

Mr. Chen, who is engaged in architectural design in Shanghai, told that one of the main reasons why the quality of building waterproofing is difficult to control is subcontracting, which is prone to building quality problems. In addition, for the bidding of some waterproof projects, in order to save money, many purchasers do not set an access threshold and tend to adopt the standard of "winning the bid at the lowest price". After the successful low price bidding, in order to earn more profits, the materials are shoddy, and the production and sale of fake and shoddy products are easy to leave hidden dangers to the project quality

Zhang Zixin, a professor in the Department of underground architecture and engineering of Tongji University, said that the waterproof project is a systematic project. There are various reasons for water leakage. Problems in any link of architectural design, construction and later operation management may cause water leakage. Therefore, when doing waterproof engineering and waterproof maintenance, we should pay attention to the maintenance of the whole life and process of the building, and pay attention to the integrity and systematicness of the project

the quality supervision department reminds consumers that when purchasing and using waterproof materials, they must first pay attention to the product instructions, understand its application occasions, scope of application, etc., and select the correct products for construction. It is not suitable to choose commodities with rough outer packaging, skewed container shape, blurred text printing such as instructions for use. And try to buy in the formal construction market or supermarket

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