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How does purple laser CTP improve the production efficiency of newspaper printing?

purple laser CTP can give the most satisfactory answer to newspaper users, which is the reason why newspaper users flock to purple laser CTP. The following is an analysis of the application of purple laser and thermal laser in newspaper CTP, which is the first flight

1. production efficiency and production cost

① different laser technologies and their production efficiency

purple laser CTP combined with purple laser printing plate is the solution with the highest production efficiency at present. For example: Agfa advantage purple laser newspaper CTP, the speed of 30MW single laser head can output 160 ~ 220 quarto plates per hour. If thermal technology is adopted, the output efficiency of 50W single laser head CTP is 100 quarto plates per hour; The thermal CTP with 40Wx2 laser head can only achieve the output speed of 150-180 quarto plates per hour, while the purple laser CTP with 30mwxi laser has a production efficiency of 350 quarto plates per hour. This is because the exposure energy required by the thermal version is 160 ~ 170mj/cm2, which is much higher than the 0.05mj/cm2 of the violet laser version, with a difference of 3000 times

there is a big gap between the service life of purple laser and thermal laser: the service life of purple laser is 10 years, and that of thermal laser is 2 ~ 3 years. The cost of replacing a thermal laser head is tens of thousands of dollars. For thermal CTPs with an output speed of more than 100, there are two. Therefore, thermal CTP is at the cost of huge use cost in exchange for production efficiency

② different laser technologies and their production costs

production costs should include: equipment depreciation, equipment maintenance and consumable materials, while consumable materials include: CTP plate, potion and laser replacement costs. The sales prices of purple laser CTP and thermal CTP with the same degree of configuration and automation are not much different, and the costs of plate materials and liquid medicine are also the same. There has been a debate about the consumption of liquid medicine. The actual situation is that the total consumption guarantee project of washing liquid medicine of violet laser photopolymer edition and newspaper thermal edition can be smoothly implemented, with a volume of about 80m1/m2, including the loss of replacing liquid medicine, washing supplement and oxidation supplement. In fact, this is expected, because the newspaper thermal version is essentially an infrared light sensitive photopolymer version. However, there is a huge gap in the replacement cost of lasers. Taking the thermal CTP of a dual laser as an example, if 25000m2 plate is output every year, 180 quarto plates are output every hour, and the laser (dual laser) is replaced every three years, the cost shared by the laser on each printing plate is about 10 yuan/m2

combining the cost comparison of all the above factors, we can see that the use cost of purple laser is the lowest, followed by green laser, and thermal laser is the highest. This is the main reason why 90% of the global newspaper CTP users choose violet laser CTP

2. reliability of production

newspaper printing is different from commercial printing. It has particularly high requirements for the reliability of production. The five minute production delay caused by equipment failure is intolerable. Violet laser: 30MW power, simple optical path and circuit, long service life; Thermal laser: 20-50 w ultra-high power, water cooling system for laser cooling, complex optical splitting system and circuit, very short service life. The reliability of violet laser in actual production is much higher than that of thermal laser. Therefore, newspaper users who place production reliability in a very important position usually choose purple laser newspaper CTP

3. Production efficiency

because the exposure energy required for purple laser printing plate is only one thousandth of that of thermal printing plate, under the same number of lasers, the production efficiency of purple laser is much higher than that of thermal laser. Single laser: 260 quarts per hour for purple laser and 100 quarts per hour for thermal laser; dual laser: 350 quarts per hour for purple laser and 180-200 quarts per hour for thermal laser

4. the quality of newspaper printing

nowadays, newspapers are increasingly strict in the control of printing quality, Some newspapers even use semi commercial rotary machines to print magazines "High quality advertising inserts to meet the requirements of advertisers. The high imaging quality of purple laser CTP and the high resolution of purple laser silver salt edition and optical polymerization edition are enough to ensure that the high-quality requirements of newspapers can be met on the premise of high production efficiency. If thermal newspaper CTP wants to meet both high quality and high speed, users must pay a much higher price.

5. Supply of CTP plates

almost all newspaper CTP users want to use The supply of CTP plates is open, which is dedicated to the relaxation test of steel strand, galvanized steel wire and rib reinforcement, that is, different suppliers can be selected to supply, so as to make the price more reasonable and the supply cycle more guaranteed. At present, almost all mainstream CTP manufacturers produce purple laser CTP plates, such as Agfa, Fuji, Mitsubishi, etc. Kodak Polaroid, which originally only produced thermal versions, will also launch purple laser photopolymerization later this year. So far, only Cleo still insists on producing thermal CTP, but this has seriously affected the market share of its products. It must be noted that at present, only one manufacturer produces the plates used for newspaper thermal CTP, and the newspaper thermal version and ordinary thermal version are completely different products and cannot be replaced with each other

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