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How can video conferencing help the construction industry improve efficiency

as we all know, the operation of a construction project often takes a year and a half. During this period, the construction site needs to communicate with the headquarters one by one, from personnel to construction sites, materials, machines, which are not only complex, but also cumbersome. There are also various project meetings and project reports that need to be communicated, some with the help of construction drawings, and some with a clear understanding of the construction progress on site, which also means that traditional communication alone can no longer solve problems well

however, if the above matters that need to be communicated need to be solved through business trips, it will be too inefficient. It not only greatly reduces the timeliness of communication, fails to feed back problems and give real-time instructions in time, increases travel costs, but also makes business travelers suffer from heavy travel

how can we quickly establish a real-time communication mechanism between the headquarters and the construction site? What can be done to improve communication efficiency and avoid traveling? Yilian video conference is a good choice. From engineering conference, to material selection, to limited personnel distribution, every step can be carried out in the fastest and most efficient environment

worried that there is no wired network on the construction site

-- Yilian video conference realizes smooth communication through 3g/4g network

some people worry that the construction site conditions are simple, there is no fixed line, and the video conference system is simply useless, especially in some remote areas. In fact, the unique cutting-edge technology of Yilian can ensure the smooth and stable communication between the construction site and the headquarters under the condition of 3G network. It can also adjust the picture quality according to the real-time network conditions, and ensure the stability of video calls in case of network fluctuations

worried about not being able to see the architectural drawings

-- Yilian video conference theater level high-definition image quality, clear presentation of electronic drawings

has been adjusted when leaving the factory. In the project meeting, users are most concerned about whether the video conference can present electronic drawings and whiteboard content in high definition, because 258 Chinese classical architectural color is related to the business reporting and communication of construction. Of course, Yilian video conference can do it! It can not only achieve 1080p Full HD quality and ensure that electronic drawings can be clearly presented, but also has an 18 times optical zoom camera, which can finely enlarge whiteboard writing and paper drawings, achieving the effect of business discussion in a conference room. At the same time, electronic documents such as PPT and excel that may be used in the meeting can also be played in HD through the standard dual screen and dual stream video conference

worried about not seeing the construction site

-- Yilian mobile soft terminal restores the construction site to communicate anytime and anywhere

since there are always countless emergencies to be solved on the construction site, such as material supply, design changes and other problems on the site, architects are required to know the construction site at any time and make adjustments and arrangements according to the actual situation. With the help of Yilian and pad soft terminals, the real-time impact of any location on the construction site can be transmitted to the headquarters at any time, the problems can be confirmed on site, and feedback and guidance can be given in time

worried about the trouble of video conference recording

-- Yilian video conference has its own recording and broadcasting function, and voice and video images can be recorded with USB flash disk

some project meetings may involve some professional issues, which need to be discussed and sorted out after the meeting, which requires video conference to have recording and broadcasting function. In fact, both Yilian vc400 and vc120 have their own recording and broadcasting functions. With the continuous improvement of environmental protection requirements. Users do not need to buy tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of recording and broadcasting servers. They can record the voice and video images of the main and sub venues through USB flash disk, which is convenient for sorting out the meeting minutes of their respective venues

worried that there are no IT personnel on the construction site

-- Yilian video conference is very easy to use, and ordinary users can master it within 5 minutes

some people are worried that there is no special person to maintain the video conference on the construction site, so it can't be used normally. In fact, Yilian video conference is simple and easy to use. Ordinary small and medium-sized enterprise users can complete the video conference within 5 minutes from the first time they open the package to the first time. There is no need for training, let alone special maintenance

customer evaluation

China Construction Technology Co., Ltd. Xiamen Branch: the Yilian video conference program helped us establish a real-time communication mechanism, significantly improving work efficiency and avoiding travel fatigue. We are surprised that we can carry out smooth and stable video calls through 3G networks. This is a problem we have been unable to solve before

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