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How to achieve a breakthrough in the pharmaceutical packaging industry

with the rapid development of China's pharmaceutical industry, the pharmaceutical packaging industry has obtained a huge living space. Keeping up with international counterparts, seizing opportunities and establishing packaging concepts that meet the needs of the times has become a top priority for the local pharmaceutical packaging industry

■ there is a big gap with developed countries

according to Ji Wei, director of Shanghai Institute of pharmaceutical packaging and testing, the extensive growth with high speed, low efficiency and high consumption is a typical feature of the development of pharmaceutical packaging in China, and there is a big gap between the packaging quality of most domestic pharmaceutical products and developed countries. At present, 65% of China's pharmaceutical packaging products are not up to the level of developed countries in the 1980s; The quality of packaging materials and the contribution rate of packaging to the pharmaceutical industry are low. In developed countries, pharmaceutical packaging accounts for 30% of the value of drugs, while the proportion in China is less than 10%. Among them, although the equipment gap between domestic and foreign pharmaceutical packaging enterprises is not large, the software environment is not satisfactory

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it is understood that there are three main reasons for this gap: first, the overall level of China's pharmaceutical industry is low, and the technology of pharmaceutical production enterprises is relatively backward. There are a large number of pharmaceutical enterprises in China, but their scale is small, their repeated production is serious, and their management level is low. Secondly, pharmaceutical products have been mainly sold in hospitals for a long time, and the drugs sold in pharmacies only account for a small part of the total. Naturally, it is difficult for enterprises to make great efforts to reform the packaging, and pharmaceutical packaging has remained old-fashioned for a long time. Finally, the technological level of pharmaceutical packaging machinery and materials is backward, and the quality awareness of practitioners is not strong, which also restricts the development of China's pharmaceutical packaging industry

■ we must pay attention to the link of packaging design

pharmaceutical packaging design is a link that is easy to be ignored. According to Ji Wei, two factors should be considered in the design of pharmaceutical packaging, one is safety, the other is national characteristics. There are still many problems in the design of pharmaceutical packaging in China, such as the nonstandard use of drug names and batch numbers, the inconsistent use of drug labels and quality standards, the nonstandard use of terminology, the excessive packaging of drugs, the lack of instructions, etc., the lack of national characteristics in the design, and the inconsistency with national culture and public aesthetic needs

Chen Qixiang, Secretary General of the packaging and Printing Committee of China Packaging Technology Association, believes that medicine 3 Customers' requirements for a wide flow range of metering equipment and mixing head have also been met: the metering equipment and LS10 mixing head are equipped with a set of nozzles. The packaging design should also pay attention to humanization, and pay attention to the characteristics of simplicity, practicality and easy operation. However, at present, a large part of domestic pharmaceutical packaging design does not consider these links. These are the practical problems that pharmaceutical packaging enterprises must pay attention to and solve

■ seize the opportunity to achieve development

with the continuous deepening of China's medical system reform, the backward situation of pharmaceutical packaging will fundamentally change. At present, China is constantly introducing and updating pharmaceutical packaging machinery and materials, and the pharmaceutical packaging industry will present a new situation, especially for long-term use at higher temperatures. In addition, the diversification of drug types also brings opportunities to the pharmaceutical packaging industry. In recent years, the packaging of solid drugs such as capsules, injections and externally applied drugs in China has been updated rapidly. The use of disposable plastic syringes has brought major changes to the packaging and application of injections. The improvement of large infusion packaging is also moving towards the direction of composite flexible packaging bags and plastic bottle packaging

according to the American flexible packaging Association, in 2003, the world's basic packaging demand for pharmaceutical products increased by 4.2%, with a total output value of about US $11.2 billion. In the next five years, pharmaceutical packaging will gradually develop into the second largest economic growth point of the flexible packaging industry. Experts believe that in order to seize this opportunity, China's pharmaceutical packaging should do the following: first, accelerate the promotion and application of plastic containers for pharmaceutical oral liquids; Second, to speed up the development of plastic hollow container packaging of traditional Chinese medicine, we should use more materials such as HDPE, PP, pet, pen, and plastic hollow containers made by injection blow molding and other molding processes. The mouth of the hollow container should have enough mobility at 50 ⑼ 0 ℃, and the aluminum foil electromagnetic induction gasket should be used for sealing to enhance the safety protection of drugs. At the same time, the promotion and application of plastic composite membrane bag packaging of traditional Chinese medicine should be accelerated

it should be said that pharmaceutical packaging will develop rapidly in the next few years, with good prospects and large space. How to seize this opportunity is a problem worth thinking about by China's pharmaceutical packaging enterprises. Ji Wei believes that first of all, we should strengthen the R & D capacity of enterprises and improve the grade of packaging materials. In the future, pharmaceutical giants will implement group procurement, which is a severe challenge for packaging material enterprises. It requires pharmaceutical packaging enterprises to have a long-term vision and implement a sustainable development strategy of going global; Enterprises should establish their own teams, develop new materials and products, create packaging products with independent property rights, and take the road of high-quality packaging and green packaging

source: China Medical News

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