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How cigarette package printing enterprises choose rotary gravure printing equipment

after the joint reorganization of the domestic tobacco industry in recent years, the number of cigarette brands is getting smaller and smaller, and the scale of a single brand is getting larger and larger. Its production orders are often increased from tens of thousands of large boxes to hundreds of thousands of large boxes, and some even reach millions of large boxes. The cigarette package brands printed by a cigarette package printing enterprise are also reduced from dozens of original to several now. In order to meet the needs of cigarette factory brand expansion and cigarette bag cost reduction, PS version, cigarette bag printing enterprises should seize the opportunity, choose the most economical and reliable equipment brand and equipment manufacturing enterprise as long-term partners, and timely introduce new rotary gravure printing equipment. When choosing rotary gravure printing equipment, you should pay attention to the following aspects

1. Carefully analyze market demand and track the latest technology in the industry

when making purchase decisions, we should not blindly pursue the highest configuration of equipment. The equipment allocation is too high, and beiren shares will inevitably be expensive, which will increase the production cost of enterprises and reduce their competitiveness. For example, a cigarette bag printing enterprise can print up to 6 colors of cigarette bags, so it is enough to purchase gravure printing equipment equipped with 8 color groups. There is no need to purchase 10 color machines. Moreover, the more the number of color groups, the more difficult it will be to control paper deformation, overprint accuracy of various colors, and the greater the capital investment. However, if the number of color decks is too small, it will limit the product development and market development of printing enterprises in the future. In addition, manufacturer information, if the enterprise does not have UV prints, it is not necessary to configure the UV system, but the installation position of the UV device can be reserved and added in time when necessary; Without transferring paper prints, there is no need to choose wire compounding, positioning splicing and secondary paper feeding mechanism. CD printing

the following are several representative equipment configurations: ① the printing process is relatively simple, die cutting, hot stamping indentation, 6-color printing, no hot stamping and other complex post-processing processes, which are mainly hard wrapped products. It is recommended that the cigarette bag manufacturer configure an 8-color gravure press and attach a wired die-cutting unit. If the printing report of soft pack cigarette packs is to be printed, it is recommended to add a rewinder on the basis of the above configuration; ② If the printed matter needs to go through the process of hot stamping and embossing, there are two equipment configuration schemes for enterprises to choose. The first is to configure a cross cutting large sheet machine. After printing, the large sheet is cross cut, and the single sheet is flat, hot stamping, embossing and die cutting; The second scheme is to configure a separate off-line circular pressing, die cutting and bronzing machine. The first scheme has less investment in packaging machinery, flexible production, many processes and high consumption; The second scheme has large investment, high efficiency, low consumption and stable product quality. In addition, ③ if the printing parts are high-grade cigarette packs, it should be considered to purchase equipment with advanced technology configuration at home and abroad, such as equipment with positioning printing function, UV curing unit and wiring quality control system

2. Don't blindly pursue imported equipment

generally speaking, Domestic rotary gravure printing equipment has "Process integration and automation are the prerequisites for meeting the unit cost requirements of the high-yield automotive industry. They have reached the technical level of imported rotary gravure printing equipment, and often have better cost performance and after-sales service quality CTP. Choosing domestic equipment can reduce the investment risk of equipment and the production cost after production, and enterprises should give priority to it.

3. The equipment structure that has a great impact on production consumption and registration accuracy should be investigated And parts

the level of production consumption directly affects the production cost, and also determines whether the burden reduction of enterprise profit margin will really come? The height of. The level of production consumption is determined by the quality of rotary gravure printing equipment and the level of process control in the production process. If the production equipment is not selected well, no matter how high the level of process control is, it will not help

4. The environmental protection of the rotary gravure printing equipment should be investigated

the environmental protection of the rotary gravure printing equipment includes two aspects: first, the environmental protection of the rotary gravure printing equipment itself, such as the consumption of heat and electric energy by the equipment, the technical indicators, treatment methods and capabilities of exhaust and exhaust gas; The second is the adaptability of rotary gravure printing equipment to environmental protection materials, such as water-based ink and UV ink

5. The basic rules for determining the width in the process of selecting rotary gravure printing equipment

the width of the equipment suitable for cigarette packet printing mainly includes 650mm and 820mm. The wider the width, the greater the impact of standards and certification on overprint, and the paper is easy to deform and the tension is difficult to control. The rotary gravure printing equipment with a width of 650mm is relatively economical in plate making, plate installation, paper specifications, etc. due to its small format, the virtual character "Prof. pack" who has been printed will also appear for the first time as an ambassador of Dow booth. During this exhibition, the paper deformation is also small, which is very beneficial to the overprint of prints. 820mm model has wide format, flexible typesetting, better adaptability and high production efficiency. At present, DTP, many printing enterprises choose 820mm model, which has good typesetting flexibility, production economy, investment economy, and is also a relatively mature model in China. (end)

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