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Development prospect of pillow packaging machine

development prospect of pillow packaging machine

at present, pillow packaging machines in most domestic food and pharmaceutical packaging production equipment are backward products with low speed and high energy consumption, so we must actively develop and upgrade products. The traditional pillow packaging machine must be improved according to the needs of the market. According to the investigation of relevant data, the production speed of the pillow packaging machine production line should be stabilized at packages per minute, and the detailed data depends on the specific situation. In addition to improving the speed, we also need to improve the multi-function of the pillow packaging machine, so that it can be matched with the metering device, which integrates bag making, filling, filling, printing and counting, and can automatically correct the deviation, automatically alarm and protect the function, so as to minimize the loss. Nowadays, with the rapid development of pillow packaging machine industry, the competition is becoming increasingly fierce, whether in the innovative ability of product packaging design, with LCD or in the development of science and technology. In the fierce competition, researchers believe that it can also be used for oil and natural gas control, seawater desalination and wastewater treatment. On the contrary, the technology of pillow packaging machine is becoming increasingly skilled, and the demand in food, chemical industry, medicine and other industries is dominant. The most remarkable feature of pillow packaging machine is its high efficiency. Today, the pillow packaging machine market has undergone profound changes. China has formed a relatively perfect pillow packaging machine equipment. At present, only happy life has completed the product development department, and has a certain technical foundation of pillow packaging machine. It is very different from when China's pillow packaging machine just started, and the technological innovation of pillow packaging machine can develop for a long time, With the ability to innovate independently and create a reasonable product image, and find the right positioning, the future development path will go further

pillow packaging machine - biscuit packaging machine

scope of application

suitable for the packaging of biscuits, rice noodles, snow cakes, egg yolk pies, chocolate, bread, instant noodles, moon cakes, drugs, daily necessities, industrial parts, cartons or trays and other regular objects

qh-250 pillow packaging machine main performance and structural features

1 Double frequency converter control, bag length is set and cut immediately, no need to adjust the empty walk, one step in place, saving time and film

2. Human machine interface, convenient and fast parameter setting

3. Fault self diagnosis function, fault display at a glance

4. High sensitivity photoelectric eye color mark tracking, digital input of sealing and cutting position, making the sealing and cutting position more accurate

5. Temperature independent PID control, better suitable for all kinds of packaging materials

6. Positioning stop function, no sticking knife, no waste of coating

7. The transmission system is simple, the work is more reliable, and the maintenance is more convenient

8. All controls are realized by software, which is convenient for function adjustment and technical upgrading, and will never lag behind

qh-250 pillow packaging machine optional device

1 Code printer

2 Straight grain middle seal wheel

3 Pattern end sealing mold

4 Super large touch screen

technical parameters:

model qh-250b qh-250d qh-250s

film width max.250mm max.180mm

bag making length 65 ~ 190mm 120 ~ 280mm 90 ~ 220mm mm

bag making width 30 ~ 110mm

product height max.40mm max.55mm max.35mm

film roll diameter max.320mm

packaging speed 40 ~ 230 packages/subcontracting/subcontracting

power specification 220V, 50/60hz, 2.4kva

machine size (L) 3770 (W) 670 (H) 1450

machine mass 800kg

remarks inflatable device can be added

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