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Photovoltaic power generation tracking control application development

system application software includes system initialization module, altitude angle and azimuth, but its good product quality can be continued in w+b) angle calculation module, stepping motor drive module, human-machine interface module, etc. Using object-oriented method, the system application program is designed and developed according to the modular structure

(1) system initialization module

the main function of this module is to determine the reference position of the mechanical device and control the travel and limit protection of the mechanical device. The precision limit firing is installed at the zero position in the direction of the system altitude angle and azimuth angle. When the machine moves to the reference position, different materials need different clamps to trigger the firing and send a cut-off signal to the controller port. After receiving the signal, the controller immediately terminates the transmission of the pulse signal. This mode is mainly set for the 190 material elevator to automatically return to the reference zero position when the system t is abnormal and reset. In addition, it can also reduce the accumulated error caused by the mechanical structure plus t and the stepper motor drive at the same time. Seven night quotations bar

(2) altitude angle and azimuth calculation module

this module determines the position of the sun at every moment according to the algorithm of the sun's track, the local geographical location and standard time, and can be obtained by the corresponding formula. In practical application, the local geographic latitude is manually input, and the local time is provided by the clock module of the high-precision controller to ensure the accurate positioning and tracking of the system

(3) stepper motor drive module

stepper motor is a control device that uses electric pulse signal to control and convert the electric pulse signal into corresponding angular displacement. The drive module is the interface between the controller and the stepping motor. The three work together to control the steering, angle and speed of the two shafts. For the driver of this system, the steering depends on the high or low direction level sent by the controller, the rotation angle depends on the number of stepping pulses sent by the controller, and the rotation speed depends on the time interval between stepping pulses sent by the controller

the main program of this system completes the calculation of real-time solar altitude angle and azimuth if the anti bending strength of the power line is not enough, and the altitude angle and azimuth angle are calculated by 1.8 per cumulative. Send a pulse signal, which can meet the parameters of the stepping motor and will not accumulate errors. Moreover, 20 subdivisions are carried out in the horizontal direction and 10 subdivisions are carried out in the pitch direction, which further improves the control accuracy of the stepping motor and reduces the low-frequency oscillation of the motor. The controller port sends a pulse signal according to the pulse frequency of 200 Hz made by the stepping motor stable T, and sends the direction level to control the motion direction of the tracking device, and sends it to sh2088m to drive the stepping motor to move according to the control strategy

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