Development prospect of plastic packaging material

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Prospects for the development of plastic packaging materials in the world

since the 1990s, although plastic packaging materials have been severely challenged by environmental problems, according to the data published in recent years, plastic packaging has still become one of the fastest growing materials in the packaging industry. According to the statistical analysis and prediction of American Freedonia group, the annual average growth rate of paper and plastic in the packaging field in the United States from 1996 to 2001 was 2.4%, including 1.6% for paper and paperboard and 3.4% for plastic. According to the statistical data of Japan's "packaging technology", the sales volume of plastic packaging materials in Japan accounted for 15.4% of the total sales volume of all kinds of packaging in 1997, still ranking second after paper and paperboard (57.5%), the rest of the metals were 12%, glass was 9.2%, wood products were 5.2%, and others were 0.7%

according to the data of China International Packaging Exhibition, the total output of packaging in China in 1997 was 18300kt, including 52.6% of paper, 13.4% of plastic, 9.5% of metal and 38.8% of glass. The output of plastic packaging in 2000 is predicted to be 3250kt, an increase of 25% over 1993

according to the above development and prediction of the United States, Japan and China, it is obvious that entering the 21st century can make the whole experimental process more smooth, plastic packaging materials will continue to grow steadily, still full of vitality in the field of packaging materials, and continue to play an active role in protecting commodities and improving the value of commodities

The 21st century is a century of environmental protection. Environmental problems are becoming increasingly important, and resources and energy are becoming more and more tense. Plastic packaging materials will usher in new opportunities and face severe challenges. In order to meet the requirements of the new era, plastic packaging materials are required to meet the increasing requirements of market packaging quality and efficiency. In addition, it is further required that their development must be based on energy conservation, resource conservation, easy recycling after use or easy degradation by the environment as the starting point of technological development. Therefore, plastic packaging materials are moving towards high performance, versatility, environmental adaptability, the use of new raw materials, new processes New equipment and expanding the field of wide use

at the end of the 20th century, high-performance, Jinan experimental machine factory Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., a nationally renowned enterprise, multifunctional plastic packaging materials have become a hot development packaging material in many countries, and some products have been put into industrial production. Such materials include plastic packaging materials with high impermeability, multi-functional freshness preservation, selective permeability, heat resistance, sterility (antibacterial), rust prevention, deodorization, shape memory, resealability, easy unsealing, etc. among them, high impermeability multi-functional freshness preservation, sterile packaging materials, etc. are developing more rapidly and will become the focus of development at the beginning of the 21st century. In addition, nanocomposite packaging materials under research and development in recent years will receive greater attention

at the beginning of the 21st century, with the increasing growth of the world economy, the continuous development of high technology, products changing with each passing day, people's life is more convenient and leisure, and people have higher requirements for daily necessities packaging, food packaging, and industrial packaging. On the other hand, with the growing call for environmental protection, on the premise of meeting the packaging function, we should try to reduce the amount of garbage, so as to show that packaging films, containers, and sheets are lightweight For the development trend of thin-walled, the key technology is to actively adopt new raw materials with super toughness, which can process thinner and easier to process, such as bimodal polymer HD Gemstones: polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene, plastic alloys with PE and metallocene catalysts that can stand out only when they shine, providing more raw material choices for plastic packaging. In particular, the development of polyethylene and polypropylene has further improved many properties of the flexible packaging structure, such as toughness, transparency, impermeability, heat resistance and puncture resistance, and can reduce the heat sealing temperature, improve processability, and improve the speed of the packaging production line. One of the characteristics of polyethylene food packaging film is that it can control the permeability of oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor. It can be used in controlled atmosphere packaging and greatly prolong the shelf life of food. It is mainly used for the packaging of semi-finished products such as supermarket salads, carrot slices, cauliflower flowers and meat, as well as fresh-keeping bags and impermeable shrink bags for agricultural products. It is expected that by 2000, the shelf capacity of such semi-finished products will increase from 3% in the mid-1990s to 25%, and agricultural products will be sold in fresh picking form to 25%. The demand for MPE controllable air conditioning packaging film will increase greatly

on the basis of the development of the 20th century, plastic blends, plastic alloys and inorganic filled reinforced composites (ABC), which are known as the stars of tomorrow's plastics, will be further improved and improved in production and processing technology, product performance improvement and serialization through the joint efforts of 2. Whether the electronic universal experimental machine has done basic research and application research before testing Greater progress will also be made in functionalization, which will have a greater impact on improving the quality, added value, environmental suitability of plastic packaging and the development of new products

with the improvement of the quality of plastic packaging products, the increase of functionality and the continuous development of new varieties, its use has also been further expanded, especially the high impermeable plastic packaging materials are mainly food packaging, and gradually expand the field of non food packaging, including industrial packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, agricultural and sideline products packaging, building materials packaging, marine supplies packaging, etc. will be further developed

entering the 21st century, the deepening of world economic adjustment and the transformation of sustainable development strategy are the general background of the world's industrial reform, as well as the background of environmental changes in the plastic industry. Compared with traditional packaging materials, plastic packaging materials save energy, resources, reduce waste production and environmental load from the analysis of the whole product life cycle evaluation. Therefore, development will still face better opportunities at the beginning of the 21st century, It will still be one of the main application fields in plastic applications, and will still occupy an important position and play an important role in the packaging market. However, a considerable part of plastic packaging materials are disposable consumer goods, which are difficult to degrade in the natural environment after use. Therefore, if only from the perspective that its waste may cause pollution to the environment, it will continue to face severe challenges and tests

in order to meet the needs of economic development, people's life and market, and at the same time to meet the requirements of environmental protection, countries on the one hand strengthen the research, development and selection of environmentally appropriate plastic packaging materials and technologies, and actively study how to strengthen the comprehensive treatment countermeasures and measures for their waste

at the beginning of the 21st century, with the progress of science and technology in plastic raw materials, plastic processing, plastic equipment and other industries, the performance of products is improving day by day; The laws have become more and more perfect, and the management has been continuously improved, so as to ensure the healthy and smooth development of the plastic industry, and show the better tomorrow of the plastic packaging industry

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