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According to statistics, the output of the domestic beverage market increased by 22.6% in 2004 and 24% in 2005. With the continuous development of the beverage market, the beverage output is expected to reach 37million tons in 2015

however, the rapid development of the beverage industry cannot hide the fact that the cost pressure of enterprises is gradually increasing. Looking at the domestic beverage market, the rise in the price of pet caused by the rise in sugar prices and international oil prices has greatly increased the cost of beverage enterprises. However, no beverage enterprise can raise the price of its products without any scruples, so as to prevent the enterprise from being at a disadvantage in price in the market competition. When facing the pressure of cost, enterprises can only digest and adjust themselves from many aspects, and reducing packaging costs to alleviate part of the cost pressure is undoubtedly a measure taken by many beverage enterprises. In this case, the beverage industry has shown a certain trend of change in packaging

the whole line packaging solution has attracted more attention from users.

the whole line packaging solution includes bottle blowing, filling, labeling, packing, etc., which can save packaging costs for users from the aspects of whole line process, engineering design planning, personnel management, etc

it is particularly worth mentioning that at present, under the pressure of market competition, beverage manufacturers hope to win a broader market by constantly developing new products and adopting innovative packaging forms to meet the needs of consumers. To make a breakthrough in the production and utilization of fully biodegradable mulching film, in this case, beverage manufacturers must change the packaging line to achieve product packaging changes. We can give some examples: for example, if a beverage enterprise wants to change a bottle type, change the vertical bottle to an arc bottle or change the round bottle to a square bottle, these require suppliers to provide packaging solutions suitable for each link from bottle blowing, filling to packaging, so that the whole production line must meet the production requirements of this bottle type. At this time, a single equipment supplier can be faster than several equipment suppliers Better complete the whole transformation

with the increasing product renovation and price competition in the domestic beverage market, domestic beverage manufacturers expect global beverage equipment manufacturers to provide a more price competitive whole line solution, that is, globalsupplier; localsupport 。 Under this demand, domestic and foreign suppliers are constantly improving their packaging lines in different ways. For example, Sidel successfully acquired the top 53 concrete block filling equipment supplier?? Simonnai, and suppliers with strong labeling technology?? Alvaro has become a top supplier with the ability to provide the whole line of beverage packaging. At the same time, some domestic beverage equipment manufacturers, such as Guangzhou Dayelong, Nanjing Light Industry and other suppliers, have also highlighted their potential and advantages in providing low and medium speed (18000bph ~ 24000bph) beverage packaging lines, mainly in terms of very competitive whole line prices, good local technical support and after-sales service, and relatively low equipment maintenance. In addition, suppliers also need to improve the technical support, consultation, supporting and service capabilities of the whole plant project, so as to bring greater benefits to beverage manufacturers in an all-round way

the application of aseptic cold filling production line is the general trend

the advantages of aseptic cold filling technology are mainly compared with the hot filling process. Its outstanding advantages are that the cold filling process products have short heating time, the loss of various heat sensitive nutrients is relatively small, and the products are equipped with dust prevention rings, which are fresh and natural in quality. In addition, its cost saving of packaging materials is also the most important factor attracting the favor of beverage enterprises

at present, the beverage industry has reached a new level of attention to aseptic cold filling production lines. Top beverage manufacturers such as Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, Master Kong and Huiyuan are considering adopting or increasing aseptic cold filling production lines. There are three main reasons for these enterprises to touch the aseptic cold filling production line at the same time: first, at present, many beverage production enterprises have reached the period of equipment renewal but replacement in terms of import amount, and the aseptic cold filling production line will undoubtedly be more concerned by them

second, in addition to bottled water, tea drinks and milk drinks will be the fastest-growing products in the domestic beverage market in the future, and the filling process that best reflects their good taste and rich nutrition is aseptic cold filling technology

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