Half of the most popular drinking fountains in Sha

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Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision yesterday announced the results of spot check on the quality of drinking fountains sold in Shanghai market, and the product qualification rate was only 5%

as a small household electrical appliance, the water dispenser has become one of the commodities with rapid growth in market capacity. However, only 15 of the 30 drinking fountains distributed by 19 manufacturing enterprises and 11 sales enterprises were qualified. From the spot check on the problems exposed by the products that drive the two lead screws to rotate synchronously through the chain drive, it can be seen that the main problems are the failure of mandatory safety items. Some enterprises have problems in the parameter design of electric heating elements, some do not adopt power line fixing devices that meet the standard requirements, and some do not install thermal short circuit devices that protect the temperature, etc. These quality problems can easily lead to electric shock or fire. Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality supervision has exposed that all three kinds of low-quality drinks are made of steel structure water dispensers. They are: Yinghua brand warm water dispenser produced by Nantong Jiawang gas appliance company, vantage brand warm water dispenser produced by TongZhou Jiale gas appliance factory The Huikang brand luxury vertical disinfection cabinet warm water dispenser and Taiwan green low-carbon environment-friendly warm water dispenser produced by Ningbo Huikang Group Co., Ltd. have become the development trend of the industry

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