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Hainan will carry out law enforcement and crackdown on counterfeiting of bottled drinking water according to the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision, the quality supervision department will carry out a special action on law enforcement and crackdown on counterfeiting of bottled drinking water in summer, and carry out comprehensive law enforcement inspection, supervision and spot check on three basic configurations of bottled drinking water production enterprises, especially small enterprises and small intelligence in the urban-rural fringe and villages: mainframe, microcomputer and printer workshops, so as to maintain the normal order of the bottled drinking water market, Promote the improvement of barreled drinking water quality

the key points of this inspection include: at the production site, it is necessary to check the source of raw water for neglecting the material performance, and severely punish the acts of directly filling or simply treating the filling drinking water with tap water, well water, river water, etc; Check the quality of buckets, find out the source of buckets and the source of bucket raw materials. For the illegal acts of using waste plastics, medical waste plastics and other low-quality raw materials to make buckets, track down their production sources and severely punish them. At the same time, guide the barreled drinking water production enterprises to gradually replace the recycled PET buckets with PC buckets; If there are unclear local product packaging marks, the illegal acts of falsely using other people's factory name and address and using product marks for quality fraud shall be punished in accordance with the product quality law

5. After sample fracture (source: Nanguo Metropolis Daily)

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