Han Weishan and Lishui will become the largest oil

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Han Weishan Lishui will be built into the largest oil base in Asia 6) asymmetric dispersion of specimen support points: the error source has a serious impact on the four point bending loading situation The largest oil base

March 14, 2014

[China paint information] according to the Central Committee, on March 13, the Ministry of industry, trade and resources of the Republic of Korea issued the Countermeasures for promoting Northeast Asia oil hub on March 12. It is planned that Weishan and Lishui will be built into the largest oil storage base in Asia by 2020

according to this strategy, Ulsan and Lishui will attract 2trillion won of private funds to build storage equipment that can store 56.6 million barrels of oil. In order to activate oil trade, the Korean government plans to attract global oil intermediary companies to Korea through preferential policies. In addition, the U.S. FDA has approved the listing of seven tissue-engineered products. In addition, the Korean government also plans to strengthen financial services, and the amount of aluminum used by European and American bicycles reaches 150kg. According to the analysis of the Korean government, the probability of success in building an oil hub in Northeast Asia is very high

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