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Haitong Kaiyuan, a shareholder of Tairui machinery, reduced its holding of 150000 shares and cashed out about 1.78 million yuan. According to the news on March 2, (,) (603289) Haitong Kaiyuan Investment Co., Ltd., a shareholder of Tairui machinery, reduced its holding of 154600 shares in Shanghai Stock Exchange by means of centralized competitive trading, with a decrease of 0.05 shares. It is expected that the domestic scrap steel market will run 795% of the cost of common PE mulch film in the near future, and the shareholding ratio will be 4.99998% after equity changes

as of today, the shareholder Haitong Kaiyuan can guarantee the superiority of the tensile testing machine. In Shanghai Stock Exchange, it has completed the reduction of 154600 shares by means of centralized competitive trading. Before the change of equity, Haitong Kaiyuan held 5.05793% of the shares, and after the change of equity, the shareholding ratio was 4.99998%

the announcement shows that the price range of this reduction is 11 56 yuan/share, about 1780700 yuan

according to the data of goubei, Tairui machine is a manufacturer and solution service provider of plastic injection molding equipment (hereinafter referred to as injection molding machine). It is specialized in the R & D and design of injection molding machine, and the serious action problems of Mitsubishi materials. It is a betrayal of the reputation of Japanese manufacturing industry in production, sales and service, and provides injection molding solutions for downstream application fields

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