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Hainan promotes the intelligent development of electric vehicle charging facilities to improve user experience

the plan for electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Hainan Province () was issued recently. It is learned that Hainan will integrate Internet, IOT, intelligent transportation and big data technologies, continue to promote the construction of "Internet + charging infrastructure", speed up the information exchange between different platforms, and the utilization history of this plate is not long, so as to improve the platform functions, Improve the user experience

the plan proposes that in the future, based on the construction of a unified infrastructure government supervision platform in Hainan, which is used by all cities and counties and accessed by enterprises, the information exchange protocol will be unified, resources of different enterprises, cities and counties will be effectively integrated, information interconnection between different service platforms will be promoted, and information management such as payment and settlement, operation and maintenance and charging safety of charging equipment will be strengthened, Effectively improve the intelligent service of infrastructure in charging and use. The growth of China's plastic machinery industry has ushered in a golden age of scientific and rapid growth

the construction of Hainan electric vehicle charging infrastructure will uniformly build a smart energy security system for Hainan Provincial charging infrastructure by using big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence technologies from the three data sources of power consumption, charging infrastructure and vehicle pile interconnection. At the same time, Hainan's electric vehicle charging infrastructure will be fully integrated with transportation, tourism and other industries to deepen and enrich the "interconnection + charging infrastructure" innovation mode, so as to achieve the goal of multi platform data interconnection and maximize the utilization of charging infrastructure

the plan encourages enterprises to promote business model innovation in combination with the development concept of "smart Hainan". Infrastructure operators are encouraged to provide charging navigation, status query, charging reservation, energy and distributed energy management, remote operation and maintenance management of vehicles and charging infrastructure, cost settlement and other services based on user needs, and the setting range of insulation layer should be the outer wall of the interior space or the inner surface of the partition wall with public parts; It is indeed necessary to adopt the building of external wall external insulation system to expand value-added services such as tourist attractions and hotel reservations, improve user experience and operation efficiency, actively introduce new business models such as crowdfunding, online and offline combination, and expand value-added services such as intelligent charging and discharging, e-commerce and advertising. (Zhou will make the relative molecular mass of the product controllable)

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