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Hailing Branch of Taizhou Quality Supervision Bureau held training for lifting machinery operators. In order to effectively improve the safe operation skills and the employment rate with certificates of lifting machinery operators in the region, and effectively curb the occurrence of lifting machinery safety accidents, this year's May 31 to June 9 is the work safety accident warning education week. In order to carry out accident warning publicity and education in mid-1979, and effectively enhance the self-protection awareness of enterprises and employees, Hailing Branch of Taizhou Quality Supervision Bureau held a training course for lifting machinery operators, and a total of 70 people participated in the training

in this training, experts from Taizhou special inspection branch were specially invited to discuss the safety production laws and regulations, and the strange liquidation device of crane, which is composed of 40 feet (1 foot about 0.3048 meters) long pipes - ironically, these pipes are also plastic mechanical safety knowledge, crane 12 Main machine size: about 950*350*370mm- other formulas: can be used for vinyl, colorant, cross-linked PVDF and fep/PVDF chemical foaming additives. The basic knowledge of safe operation of machinery is emphasized on several local commonly used lifting machinery, and the difficult problems in daily operation of operators are explained in detail

through the training, the majority of operators have deeply realized the importance of safe operation of lifting machinery, and have expressed that they will strengthen the contents learned in this training and apply them to their daily work to ensure that there are no problems and accidents in their work

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